Thursday, 27 September 2012

Beginning University!

Autumn :)

My favourite season of the year.
To me, autumn is always the beginning. It always means a new start, and for me this is a new start :) I've just moved to Bath for Uni and the last few days have been ups and downs of weird crazy emotions, flooey-bug and magic ^.^

Who know's what this year holds? Hopefully some snowflakes, sunny autumn evenings and great music :) Oh and most importantly is catching it all in some fairy tale photographs ^.^

So the lighting was amazing here :) This morning at Sunrise I walked through the Crescent, and through an amazingly pretty Golf Course with all the orange leaves on the floor ^.^ I'll make sure I take my camera tomorrow so I can document it :) 

For now? 


                                                                  And.... My room! :) 



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