Monday, 29 July 2013

My Birthday!!! :D

A dedication
    to what has been
         a truly magical      
If I try to think back, I can't really remember what I did in all the July's of my childhood. I wish I did, because every day is precious and I wish I was one of those people committed enough to take a photo every single day. Sadly, George will tell you, I have the attention span of a pine nut and the memory of a fish. 

There was one amazing day where me, George and his dad spent the entire day out in the boat driving from cove to cove and found a little toad that had hidden himself happily in the Canoe. We called him Captain Toad and I tried to keep hold of him much to his dismay; he simply couldnt understand why I wouldnt let him leap to his doom in the sea, so he resorted to sitting in my hand croaking grumpily at me until we dropped him off at Dystalda Cove to live in the stream there :) 

That's the story of Captain Toad

For my Birthday this year, the sun shone! It Shone on my birthday for the first time in about 5 years, and not only did it shine... it baked us like a toasty oversized jacket potatoes :P So me and George went to Flambards because it was near by and I hadnt been in ages. George was absolutly thrilled to have survived the log flume unscathed and dry, so to disturb his smugness I craftily did what the annoying douchebaggy log flumer does... and splashed him myself.  *insert evil laugh here*

In the evening we went to the Shipwrights, the best pub in all of everywhere ever where people casually rock up to the little Quay in their boats (its right on the river)

The week before they had a DJ called Jelly Jazz who was radcoolawesome and it ended up everyone raving on the river side with UV paint everywhere doing the big fish little fish card board box :P You have to understand... the Shipwrights isnt just a pub... its Narnia and more :D 
This week Georges stepmums band were playing (casually at my favourite place on my birthday) so we went to see them and my mum and dad came out for a meal with me and were together in one place for the first time since I was 3 :) It was lovely ^.^
For my birthday I got some rad gnarly retro skates that Im still trying to master... I shall keep you informed about those and future injuries :P But enough blahhh. Nobody likes blahhh :P 
I've uploaded some film snaps ^.^ 

 George at the Shipwright on my birthday. 
(Film, Ashai Pentax) 

I really don't know who that derpy weirdo is next to him, or what the hell she's doing with my boyfriend but mannnnn her expression is hilariously bad :P I nevvvvverrrr pull bad faces.. nope O:) 

This is from our day out at Kynance Cove (My favourite place in Cornwall) with George's mum and her stepkids who are adorable :)

I think my boater hat was the best buy so far this summer :P I wore it for everything except Boating ^.^ I cant imagine it would be very useful for boating though.. surely it'd just blow off. It seems to really like doing that :/ Maybe it's just mine. Maybe mine has attitude or Hyper active tendancies or something. Perhaps it needs councilling -_-

Im not normally one for uploading bum shots... but I know George would never forgive me if this didn't go up. v.v Oh dear. I'm not even sure what's happening in this picture to be honest. Am I dancing? O.o 

please forgive the shoddy focus and exposure here... I still havent quite got the hang of this film camera since my first one broke just when I had it sussed >.< boo.

I will upload the festival ones later :D Happy Summer every body ^.^ This September, I'm moving into my new house in Bath! 

I'm going to work hard, get creative and motivated and even start up Samba :D So I'll try to be extra creative with this space ♥


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