Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Summer of Lost Boys

After a successful 4 years of friendship, the knights and I (aka, "The Gang") decided the time was ripe as a moldy pear to stage another camp out at Jegans beautiful home on the Roseland Peninsula. 

This happened to be on the day right after mine and Chrissie's camping/stargazing adventure so having not exactly showered, feeling quite caveman like, we packed up little Charlie my yellow Custardmobile and headed off "Up North" (Actually its sort of near Truro but when you're based at St.Keverne pretty much St. Austel and Scotland become the same thing) 

Then the rest of the family came to join in on the fun after we set up camp by the River :) 
We named our tents after international embassy's (me and George were Canada to represent his Canadian Heritage) 

                                              Jegans family 
                            Jow, Nick, Hebs, Tali, Jegs and Red 



w o o d   g a t h e r e r s 

 bonfire light 

My man... so manly :P

There are definitely pro's to living miles away from civilisation

I wouldnt trade Cornwall for the world

But you definitely can't survive without wellies 

I love autumn, with the orangey reds and crispy leaves and jet trails and pumpkins and most of all sunflowers... But I have a million places to visit before this all ends. The city can wait forever. I want to hide here



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