Monday, 5 August 2013

Lewes Stopover Festival

The highlight to every music lovers summer in England; "THE GREAT BRITISH MUSIC FESTIVAL"
As I've been going on about endlessly, last week we went up to Lewes where our good commerade Sophie lives to see the fabulous festival that was organised and put together by Mumford and Sons :) Now I love Mumford and Sons as much as a the next Neo-Folk Indie Kid, but what really sold it to me was EDWARD SHARPE AND THE MAGNETIC ZEROS. They are my favourite band right now, and I can't describe how vibrant and colourful their music is ♥
Me and George were so incredibly psyked to go see them, and I really have to say they stole the crowd. We got pretty dang close to the front and I went on Georges shoulders (festival douchebag) for "Thats Whats Up" and "Home" and seriously it was amazing.
Jade and Alexander were just incredible, dancing around on stage and jumping into the crowd and I wish all bands were as in love with life and what they do as they are :)
Johnny Flynn was also pretty dang good, when Marcus Mumford joined him on stage the crowd nearly bowled over from the mass collapse of swooning pre-teens. 

The developed film shots from the Pentax K1000. Needless to say, we had a rad-gnarly time

    superior  p i e 

                                        Blimming nom

British sea power

                huggggssss :D


    Dat cheesy smile above is the Boursin to my french bread

Its blowing a gale outsite and raining star rods.  Going over these happy  sunny days warms up these young bones and makes the grey days worth it to hold out for the rare sunny ones. I love being British and living in this beautiful green island, even though it rains. Because when its sunny, everyone is just sooooo happy for that rare moment of paridise. if it was never rainy, you'd forget to say thankyou for the sun

                  v a m p i r e   w e e k e n d 

  View from Georges shoulders. so close to the front :P (but never close enough)

t h e     c o o l    k i d s  

Right at the end, when the sky was lit up the canopy of fairy lights for Mumford and Sons, it was magical. Not the fairy tale magical, or even the ancient pagan magical, but a spirit and joyous magic that could exist in a world of physics and material things. A plain that could be explored and grasped universally by every creature, a moment of pure euphoria of just existing effortlessly. 

To the best July possibly of my life, 
I thank those rare souls that made it possible :) 



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  2. I know this post is old but I am super envious that you got to see Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes! I walked down the aisle with Connor to 'Home'. :D <3


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