Tuesday, 13 August 2013


My favourite thing about August is the Perseids
The beautiful beautiful beautiful meteor shower and that evening when you can be really greedy and make hundreds of wishes!
So being the outdoor types, what do we do this time of year in Cornwall?
We go camping to watch the showers :)

Last night, was the peak of the Perseids and Georges family, Mariette and myself went to Dean Point to hide from the light pollution and watch the falling stars. Around about midnight, we saw loads! and one was so big, you could see the greeny blue smoke billowing out behind it, lighting up the whole sky. That's the biggest meteorite I've ever seen!

It was magical
Apparently though, If you stayed up til 2am, it was literally raining stars, but we had Louis with us who's bedtime had way been past, so we packed up and went home satisfied with our luck and mega meteor. 

On Friday Chrissie came down from Devon to visit, and we went on a mini camping trip to the little cove hidden by Rosenithon. 

The beach actually belongs to Mariettes family, so with her permission we staged a star gazing session and camp out, although we did make a foraging trip back to the village to return with luxuries such as brocolli, cheese and potatoes to supplement our camping diet of sausages :P 


incredible mackerel sky

which unfortunatly means rain is on the way, or so I read somewhere but it was worth it to be out on that one incredible evening :) 

Chrissie brought her camera so we had lots of fun with photo's and messing about :) she also brought a camping stove, and pots. 
Queen of organisation, I think we'll have to keep her :P 

I think its safe to say, if we were on the run from Voldemort... we'd be pretty safe here ^.^ 

Chrissie took these ones of me:)

Thats Chrissie ^.^ 

I was thrilled, because I got to be a Wolf :P 

We put around little lanterns because we failed at getting the fire started. (I hate to admit it, but I think we needed the men for this bit, they seem to be quite good at making fire) 
So we just took photo's instead :)
The light was really pretty and pink, this photo I took I didn't use any vintage effects when editing, so all the light and soft pinks here are natural :) Sea was a bit chilly 

And finally... the stars 
We got a brilliant clear sky and a view of the milky way :)
Chrissie even captured a cheeky shooting star whilst we were looking at shooting stars somewhere completely different 

                              I love stargazing ♥
                         hope everyone else saw shooting stars too 


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