Wednesday, 21 August 2013

The Girl Who Wanted To Be A Mermaid

                                    She gave her life to an element she was born into 



                                                and at that moment, all her troubles disappeared 
                              The water washed them away, like it washed the sand from her toes
                                                     and soothed the pain of dry land 

The Sound of Gulls calling was an austere and ghostly lullaby 
but one that any child born by the ocean will recognise and cherish 
some believe them to be the ghosts of lost mariners
so you should never kill a gull
for it will bring you bad luck

We braved the collossal hike to Lowlands. One of the most beautiful parts of Cornwall. You can guarantee that if its hard to access, then it will be free of those pesky emmets and peaceful and probably more beautiful. To be on Lowlands feels to be on a desert island, a moody lonely and austere but beautiful desert island. It's a special place.

It was sunny first of all this day, but the cloud and rain appeared mysteriously, but I really liked this. I actually don't do enough moody grey photography, and I think that Cornwall is a rustic and untameable grey land, and to portray the sea this way is possibly more real, and truthful. Even if mermaids don't exist... and I guess that's kind of the point of the story. The Girl who wanted to be a mermaid... the girl who wanted mermaids to exist. There's truth in that story. I think maybe everyone wants to be someone or something they're not at some point in their life, so perhaps this story idea has symbolism somehow... Maybe I just over think things.

I've actually done little editing in photoshop, I wanted them to be dull and washed and the tones to be soft, I wanted to work on the greys and the austereness of the weather.

I'm sorry for being an awful subject, but it was fun collaberating with George. I did take quite a few of him, and there's definitely some bloopers I'll be sure to share with you :)


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