Saturday, 30 November 2013

Banjo's & Foggy Fields - A session with Abbie Irwin

This is one of my favourite musician collaborations to date. Abbie is so much fun, a real ball of energy and I didn't realise how much fun it could be working in the foggy gloom.
I'll definitely be using this beautiful dreariness again for more photographs as it really gives a bleak wintery atmosphere that I'm quite fond of. A quietness. A peace 


  1. This post has me craving foggy winter days even though I very much consider myself a summer child! The power of good photography, huh?

    1. Ahhh I absolutely love fog! Luckily we seem to have it in abundance at the moment :P
      I am a summer child too, 100% but even I lust for winter days sometimes. It's always the way >.< But then again I've just come home out of the sea while we seized a rare sunny evening and went pier jumping and that pulls me out of a reverie of wooly jumpers and mulled cider.
      I do agree though (pinterest is a lot to blame) that photography has the power to make certain seasons like winter feel a lot more appealing than they actually are :P
      My mission is to love all seasons equally and stop longing for what's not around ^.^ Spring used to be my least favourite season but this year it was amazing! :D xxx


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