Saturday, 7 September 2013

Hello Autumn!

The other day we went snorkelling in Coverack, along the walk down to the little hidden beach we passed a big yellow field full of hay bales. 
When George was little he was visiting his nan in France, and she took a photograph of him standing on a hay bale which she then gave to him in an album on his 18th birthday. 
(Its above)
so for fun, we decided to recreate the photo, play on the hay bales and send her back a similar image taken 12 years later :D 
George also wanted to take some photo's so voila ^.^ 
Theyre not perfectly the same, but I guess we don't wanna make it identical :P 
plus this was Cornwall as opposed to France so it figured to have some sea in the shot :) 

Trying to run on a hay bale like in the movies is harder than you think 

It feels like this summer has lasted forever, but also gone really fast at the same time. 

Autumn is my favourite season, and its definitely feeling like summer's going going gone. But 
so far our welcome to orange and gold hasn't been the hazy hangings on of hot evenings and crispy leaves, but more torrential down pour and floods and even snow O.o
But oh well. Its worth it for the best summer I think I've seen since being a little kid :)

Almost time to go back to Bath, and start painting things, making pasties and carving pumpkins!! :D I guess its gonna be time to put the boater hat away now, and get out the Panda again :P 


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