Sunday, 20 October 2013


Sorry. I've been so busy and distracted, and writing to imaginary people was the last thing I've been thinking about :P I apologise if in fact you consider yourself to not be an imaginary person, in which case it was really kind of you to take the time to read my words, Real Person :) hello!
I have been active and busy in the realms of visual story telling!

                                             L O S T 

"the girl had no use for a compass, for her eyes showed her nothing" 

A big thankyou to Keren for modelling for me! :D 
I have to pick one of these images to represent the "Lost" part of my four part narrative project at Uni :) 
Oh, and our friends the deer really stunk :P They may look cute and hugable, but I wouldnt recommend it unless you wanted to smell super bad for a loooong time ^.^ 


Tuesday, 15 October 2013

I need to take a Holiday

Last night, me and George were talking on the phone because Im just a little (lot) bit home sick. He asked if I could go anywhere right now with him where would I go? I really couldn't answer.  I keep a map on my bedroom wall to remind me of all the places I've been to, and the places left still to go, and it seemed silly to want to go back to some place I've already visited. But I was leafing through my pictures of me and my dads travels to Southern California, and I decided. Right now, thats where I want to be :)
The incredible salty cool pacific sea air, the Los Angeles Santa Monica Haze and not forgetting... Disney CA and my favourite ride... the California Screamin' :P The food! The sun! The surf ♥ Please take be back right now Ruby Slippers. 

Dippin dots... finding these in California made my holiday :P I hadnt seen them since Blizzard beach in Florida. I think once, I got through 3 tubs in one day... I quite honestly don't know how we live without them in England

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