Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Winter Warming!

Today was one of the coldest days so far up here in Bath. It also happened to be my friend Jessica's birthday! It's curious, in the city... I'm not sure how people celebrate birthdays! I'm one of the lucky people who's birthday is in the peak of summer, so I've always had picnics on the beach or dunes as a tradition but up here there isn't sand for miles.. and even if there was, well would you like to take your chances out in 2oc weather?
Last autumn, me and George discovered a cute little teashop up near the Assembly Rooms, its called "Bea's" and although it isn't a patch on 'The Dwelling house' back home, and hasn't the largest selection of tea's... it does have a little cushy lounge and great vintage music so we perched ourselves in the warm and started the day with cake and tea!

Birthday girl Jess below! 

We thought we'd bring my little toy hot air balloon along for the ride! I can't wait for the balloon festival this summer in Bristol :)

This is my Leather Satchel! I found it in Edinburgh in the christmas markets, although Leather is beautiful it's also really stinky (no amount of febreeze can counteract this) and I do carry around a certain guilt with me



  1. this hot hair balloons dress is my dream dress!

    1. Hot Air Balloons are pretty spiffy :3 This dress is currently on sale on if you want it :D ♥


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