Wednesday, 5 February 2014

We Have Antlers

After felt what like an eternity, the sun came out.
I started to forget the feeling of the sun and learned to become quite contented in the rain.
I enjoyed gazing the silvery glinting tones of grey in the clouds, the austere ambiance and beauty in the gloom.
There was almost a glow, a half light. It was magical, and I was okay with that.
It reminded me of Scotland, and I was happy in Scotland. It reminded me of moors and hills and lochs and the colours of the stone in the castles.
So when I woke up to delicate winter sunlight shining through my window, a stranger, a forgotten friend... I felt a bizarre charge of energy. Perhaps the way that tree's feel. "solar powered humans".
When I took the bus to Bristol for an adventure to the Snuff mills with my friend Jegan, it wasn't with desperate relief to escape this town, but with a glowing determination. To adventure, do what I love most, and be under the great open sky. After exploring and playing in the Celtic Fogues last week with George's family in the rain at LandsEnd, I felt invincible. I no longer give a damn about the weather, and it certainly doesn'ae give a damn about me.

A secret little path on the river cliff 

Boys climb things. I would too if I wasn't so floor-bound.
I am gravitationally challenged. 

I wonder when was the last time this little swing was used


a haunted house 

looking for willow-the-whisps

These stiles make me really yearn for the coastal trecks to secret beaches, and hidden woodlands back home. Somerset is beautiful, but its just different somehow. It's almost as though it lacks magic and it's so well trodden. We keep our eyes peeled for signs of fairies, but like city foxes, they're probably scraggly little vagabonds. Not real country fairies, not wild ones.

Reaching up to Open Sky 

Yellow is my most favourite colour... That's why Autumn and Summer are my favourite seasons, the seasons of sunflowers :) I used to have a rule where I used to have to wear at least something yellow every single day to make me smile. I ended up wearing daisies in my hair all the time but I've stopped doing that now... maybe it's time to start it up again or am I too old for childish things like that?
never. ever. ever


baha :P I'm really not good at posing for photo's, I much prefer taking them but I like pulling stupid faces so its okay :) 

Sassy Stag makes a come back

Whale self shot... because I can't take much seriously :P

Friends are brilliant. and amazing. and always willing to adventure out even if its just for a fun day substituting rocky coves and wild moors with neatly trimmed somerset parklands. I used to be a solitary and indipendant only child kicking about in the mud by myself, but now I have a group of brothers and sisters who I've chosen and in return chosen me, and I hope we'll be a weird adopted family-pack thing and live in the wild forever more. :)
We are but Wolves 
(With Antlers)



  1. omg these photos are magic *_* i totally love it *_* ! and you're so beautiful, wow.

  2. You're an incredibly talented photographer!


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