Saturday, 19 April 2014

Early spring on the water ways

She felt far from her burrow, exposed; a target. The highway was bigger than any meadow she had ever played in and the loud cars and Lorries rushed around her like steel monsters buffeting her in their tail wind, roaring and mocking her. The unnatural grey roads stretched out before her and behind her forever like a great man-made river, one she would be pulled along in its persuasive and unfriendly current. Even though the road had no depth, nor ripples upon its surface she felt as though she were drowning, suffocating and paddling in vain to keep her head from being pulled under forever. Her body felt alive, and every nerve pounded with blood, she could hear her heartbeat in her ears. The ground was dead under her bare feet, because there was no earth just endless tarmac. Removed from nature, there was nothing within which she could find comfort, safety and kin. The large metal beasts continued to race around her, she feared that if she made the tiniest of movements they might catch her and knock her down forever, another little dead thing on the side of the road for the passers-by to pity for a moment.
The sky was wide, blue, and infinite above her and how her soul longed to fling herself upwards into it. To fall upwards forever would be a mighty fine thing, a dream her tiny panicking heart yearned for with all its might.
Here she was, a frightened and fragile creature stuck in the middle of the road, pathetic and whimpering to herself. The Lorries and cars that passed her by barely glanced upon the pathetic whimpering thing, far too caught up in their own business of getting to places, why should she matter to them? She barely existed.
In time the roads would get bigger, and the meadows would get smaller. More frightened little rabbits would find themselves lost in an unnatural plain to which they were never born. Roads are man’s creation, as a cars and Lorries.
Little Rabbits born in a meadow can never be cars nor Lorries, because that’s just not what they were born to be. But a creature born upon a road might grow up to be a lorry or a car. Even if god intended them to be a rabbit once upon a time.
Man changes everything; man takes away the meadow from the little rabbit.
This little rabbit wants to grow up to be a hare, to grow a large and fine pair of strong feet so that she can run.
Run away from the steel monsters,
Run forever to the green mountains and meadows,
Run in pursuit of a freedom that should never have had to been pursued
And Running because sometimes it just feels good to run

I’m a small quivering rabbit and this road is going to swallow me up

But if I become a hare, it’ll have to catch me first 

One hazy warm spring afternoon, me and a friend left the busy bodies, smart shoes and ties behind in the town and found a little hidden gateway that led to a beautiful walk along the canal. 
 We also found a charming swing 

This lovely chap waved to me and said he hoped I'd catch his best side :)

The city skyline was still beautiful, but all the more so for knowing that we were away and not apart of it at that moment

Spring has found us, and greets us with a delightful hug

Great reflections 

What adventures does Spring have for us? 


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