Sunday, 15 June 2014

Adventure List

I have no shame in admitting that I am an avid list fan. I make lists for everything, sometimes I invent lists that aren't real for situations that are completely imaginary just cause. My favourite list, is my "Things to do before I die list". People have been calling them bucket lists, but I've been having one of these running since I was about 12, I'm not even sure what a bucket list means... but because I realised I need to set myself a sort of discipline for remembering to put things on this space, I decided to share one of my main lists: "My infinite List of Adventure". I know its not infinite... it's made of paper and there's only about 20 or so things on there, but it's ever changing and ever growing. 
I have other seasonal lists, ie) Things to do this summer which generally includes skinny dipping, having picnics and watching shooting stars and I'll definitely share that one later, but I'm gonna kick this off with my adventure page. and I'm happy to say a few of those things are even crossed out ^_^ 
I'm also gonna put up a few pictures to recount the memories of those crossed off bits :)



  1. Such a lovely idea! I really need to get a little journal of my own, there is something so lovely about being able to jot down thoughts on a whim.


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