Friday, 13 June 2014

Day Tripper

It's official. S U M M E R has arrived in England. 
2 weeks to go and things are getting exciting! I'm moving to a new (old) house closer to the town and I'm so incredibly excited because I finally get my dream of having an attic space :D I fully intend to create a spiffy den of cosyness  and have a better view of the moon at night so I can dream of being an astronaut.
After 2 years of constantly sneaking back to Cornwall and surprise train visits from my bestest friend and boyfriend George, we're going to be finally together at Uni because he's coming to Bath to study Primary school education! :) I think he's going to make a pretty fine primary teacher, and I can't wait to start swing dance classes with him!

So in order to kick off the summer and break the mundane routine from working to save for a new camera, me and two of my best good friends from back home in Cornwall escaped our Uni towns Bristol and Bath for the day and took the train over to Weymouth, Dorset and became temporarily those creatures we like to grumble about most during the summer in Cornwall: Emmetts (that means tourists to you English speaking folks). My granddad's actually from Weymouth so that's my claim to being as un-emmetlike as I possibly can and my gosh... it was a stinker of a hot day. Sun cream was forgotten, lessons were learnt... but best of all, memories were made with two fabulous people dear to my heart.

I would come here when I was really small with my dad to visit family who lived here. It's so bizare that you can exist in a place you once existed many years ago, yet it just doesn't feel like the same place at all. That place in your memory, is a queer alternate universe that's locked and inaccessible unless you have a time machine. There's no way back, just forward. and places don't really change, even if they appear to. It's you who changes because the land under your feet just stays the same. It's there... even if it feels swallowed by the sea. That thing swallowed by the sea is your youth and nostalgia, not the land. I pine for my past, but I love every minute of my present and am filled with trepidation for the future.

Time passing can not take everything away... especially rubber rings 

Its blue flavour 

I am the one on the right. yep. that's me. Hello! 

and these are my massively comfy Cath Kidston plimsols. 

Who's that girl? It's Jess! 

I love the colours of little homes by the sea, always so colourful and cheerful 

The heat got to much, so we found a lovely place to eat. It wasn't a quirky cute seaside cafe like we would normally seek out, it was a large popular pub on he harbourside called "Rendezvous" that offered pretty decent food at a student budget and equally affordable cocktails with quite a variety! We bagged a balcony seat and basked in the shade but had beautiful views of the boats in the harbour. 

The end of our day tripper adventure but beginning of our summer.
I'll try and keep up with our adventures on this little blog that I like to call my scrap book :)
It's a place for memories, thoughts, stories and pictures. 
Mostly its a shrine to my true love; the sea.


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