Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Boats & Trains

It was a truly Cornish summer sort of day today; windy, mild and the ocean was tossing like a bucking sea serpent much to the delight of the surfers! I crept out of my quiet secret cubby hole in South Cornwall and braved a day in the fray of wild ice cream crazed emmets (holiday makers to you!) and hostile seagulls to venture around St Ives with my lovely Jess-thing :)
I decided to take the Park and Ride because I really love the branch line to St.Ives and had the best view at Lelant Saltings across the Salt Marsh, watching Sea Birds skimming the water. I really think it's the loveliest little halt in Cornwall.

We stumbled across an extremely hip coffee shop, it was hidden away in a loft on the seafront and was decked out in tasteful 70's decor. By some miracle we bagged the table at the window where they even provided some binoculars to spy on the passing boats and pier jumpers!

I was extremely chuffed with my delicious home made lemonade (Only £1.80) and it came in a massive glass :)

Quaint grocery shops down the old cobbled streets next to nautical gift shops and boutiques are a regular sight in St.Ives. There is a beautiful selection of little restaurants, all three of my favourite shops (SeaSalt, Fatface & Cath Kinston) as well as some great ice cream parlours (Moomaid of Zennor being the favourite among me and my friends). 
Since one of my best friends Jack runs a Jam night in a pub here and Jess lives near by, St.Ives has become the go-to meeting place for me and my friends. Partly because it has so much to offer and partly because it's just so darn beautiful. 

                                                            One of my favourite eats in St.Ives!

I absolutely LOVE tomb stoning, but before trying it, make sure you've spoken to someone who has a lot of experience with that area, the rocks, tide height and depths before going ahead with it. I often go jumping off Porthoustock and Coverack Pier but I've had assurances from people who've been using those parts for over twenty years so I know when to use it and not use it. I've read one too many articles in the West Briton about holiday makers who are previously injured from Tomb Stoning and worse so please please be careful. But don't miss out on some serious adventure, have a chat to the locals and others in that spot who know it well, be safe and careful and have a whale of a time!

Please oh please don't feed these buggers. My dad always told me that they're the souls of sailors lost at sea and we should respect them (and he feeds them too) but I've (to date) lost two ice creams, a pasty, a tray of chips and a sausage roll to these devils and St.Ives is pretty much a no-go picnic zone now. I love the sound of Gulls because it reminds me of home, but I think they're terribly lazy and should go earn their food like proper sea gulls and not steal ours. (Having said that, we are responsible for over fishing the seas and are most likely to blame for their new foraging tactics)

Quaint old Fishermans cottages now holiday lets. Bittersweet. I have strong feelings about holiday cottages (like most of the Cornish folk) but that's a debate for another time. 

We decided to go to the beach in the evening as we had it almost to ourselves and the sea was warm from the long sunny day :) for an hour, I was the happiest person in the world. Evening swims are my favourite, even if a particularly large wave did steal my bikini bottoms away for a few moments :P

We decided to give the balcony bar a try for tea! loved the array of surfboards on the ceiling. I had the best invention ever... spicy cheesy chips! with a cajun wrap. nom

Thinking I would be able to swim better if I had webbed toes... I know quite a few people who do have them! My only advantage is that I've learned over time how to pick up objects off the floor and use my toes as sort of weird fingers :P I am not even sorry if I am disgusting you right now with my odd habits.

It was a long and lovely day :) It was very relaxing despite the buzz of tourists, the tide was out by the time we were ready to catch our train back and we were very amused by the beach tractor! I picked up a few momento's and a lovely nautical dress. George is back from France tomorrow, so I'm looking forward to writing out my summer to-do list and crossing things off! Most of my friends have finished Uni now but are sporadically placed all over England so it's been a peculiar summer without them... :( the first one in four years! Back to work this weekend with Kerra's wedding catering which I love, but for now... Nighty night and


Sunday, 6 July 2014

A Summer Village Fete

One thing I absolutely love about small-town (Or should I say small village!) life is the community. I absolutely love strolling around and knowing folks and being able to smile and wave and watch peoples lives twinkle away next to my own like little stars in a cosy section of the milky way. The local seasonal fetes are another of my favourite aspects! from the Christmas fair in the village hall where you can drink home made mulled wine and buy crafts made by Mrs-whats-her-name-over-the-road to the An-Gof heritage evening where the locals put on plays that illustrate the lives of influential Cornish people/myths. 
It's that time of year... for one of my favourites! The church village fete! Last year, it was held in Georges grandparents enormous and beautiful back garden and was so pretty adorned with bunting, stalls and raffles :) This year it was in a different back garden and was a little less busy due to advertising, but we headed over to support the community and take my brand new Nikon D610 for a spin! :D Today I made an effort and dressed for the occasion wearing a summery lilac frock that was given to my by one of my best friends!
Just a warning, this is quite a photo heavy post! :)

George enjoying a game of croquet with the chaps 

This dress I absolutely love! It's one of my favourites but normally I spend my time running about in fields, woodlands and sandy beaches with my poochie Milly, so I don't often get the chance to wear nice things when I'm home in Cornwall! It has extra sentimental value because my lovely friend Jessica (author of the Jessica Ce-Ce fashion blog) gave it to me as a gift, and originally its a Miss Selfridge find! (Building up quite a collection of their wonderful dresses now) :3

This was my find of the day! I absolutely love boats and I've had one just like this in my sights for quite a while but been unable to find "the perfect boat". I was so thrilled when Georges Granny came back from the village fete later on in the afternoon when we were at their house taking a shift at looking after Great Granddad with it tucked under her arm (I had told her all about it) and presented it with a big smile as an early birthday present!

We took the short cute to Georges grandparents house in Laddenvean through the little woodland! I'm so pleased with the new F/1.4 50mm lens! I've never been able to take such bright  lovely photo's in dappled light before ^_^

They have a little stream at the bottom of the garden 

With a bridge to swing on! 

We had a super lovely afternoon that ended in a big yummy chicken pie dinner with the family :) The next community event is the showing of "The Grand Budapest Hotel" on the projector at Porthallow village hall. It's a super little film! George hasn't seen it yet and has been on about it for a while, so no doubt we'll go down with his family and enjoy a movie night in the pretty little fishing village! The last one we saw together at Porthallow was Disney's Brave and what other little make-shift cinema only charges 10p for snacks and is filled with mostly people you know? Until the next time!

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