Thursday, 21 August 2014

Return to the Land of Fae

If you're from 'mining country' part of Cornwall, an inhabitant of Tehidy and it's surrounding area you might be familiar with at certain times of the year, the little wood is filled with an array of curious creatures. 
A mysterious pathway becomes lit by a string of fairy lights guiding you through the winding and gnarled paths to a clearing, where you will encounter something quite unusual and altogether magical. 
But along the way, you behold a series of living stories, incredible installations and glimpses into the folk tales of which you shall shortly be told. Two star-crossed bandits, A fire dancer, A mermaid's grotto and a rather prim and proper spider lady. The tree branches are adorned with mismatched lampshades that would ordinarily belong your grandmother's front room, ornate mirrors twinkling and  bizarre old photographs of.. is that a fairy?. All preparing you for your trip through the door, greeted by the Woodland king and your journey to the other side. The Land of Fae. 

Last year, myself and George went twice. Once alone to the twilit ball and the next day we took his little brother Louis, decked out in his finest Celtic shift and fairy wings along to the afternoon event.
We enjoyed it so much, we returned again this year with Niki (George's stepmum) but sadly this time without George who was working at a Hog Roast (yum) and camera in hand.
We have a tendency to live in the old world, as Cornish folk we are familiar with all the old myths and tales and a chance to celebrate them in such an event is our idea of heaven.

The Twilight ball is extremely enchanting, the day is setting on us and the night is closing in. Nothing is quite more thrilling and mysterious than a woodland by night. If you want to experience something akin to magic in a beautiful place, then I highly reccomend following The Rogue Theaters seasonal events.

I highly reccomend dressing up! I did last year, but not this time sadly. I actually felt as though I might fit in better had I brought my wings, this family had followed the tradition brilliantly! I love this little chaps Dino costume.

I almost melted when I saw the mermaid. Anyone who knows me would understand :)

Through the door....

We encountered Ashley's little brother Liam! (above) What a surprise! Only Niki would recognise a friend from upside down. If you know half of Cornwall, you are bound to always bump into somebody you know when you go out and about :)

The death of the dragon 

Niki and Louis were thrilled that the stew on offer was vegetarian! The Woodland king himself confessed that he is too a veggie

And at the end of the show, there is of course some dancing! To a lovely collection of gypsy and swing music (my favourite).  You can view my account last year on the Woodland ball here. I do hope next time that I can dash home from Uni in time to catch the Winter Wood show which I've not yet seen! I love the Rogue Theater's shows. It's events like this that keep the magic of Cornwall's history and legends living with the new generations.  On Friday evening we're off to Trellissick garden to see the Miracle Theater perform Shakespeares The Tempest! Last year we saw Waiting for Godot, so I'm really looking forward to sitting on the grass over looking the river wrapped up snug chomping on a pasty.
Have a lovely week

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  1. I LOVE The Rogue Theater! I'm taking Robin to this event next year when he's walking about. I plan to dress him as a tiny dragon. <3


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