Monday, 11 August 2014

Tintagel & The Glen

Today was a perfect adventure.
It was a wonderful day of rocky paths, climbing and sea spray. I'm sure you've all heard the story of King Arthur and Merlin? Well, some believe that Tintagel in North Cornwall may have been his birth place, and the mighty castle ruins that still stand senital on the craggy isle, may have been his home. Cornwall is an enchanting county of legend and myth, but it's places like Tintagel and St.Nectans glen that make those legends so believable. With the wild wind beating you from every angle as you gaze into the turquoise ocean, standing in the remainders of dark age cottages while people nearby practice ancient Celtic rituals (Possibly paying homage to an archaic sea goddess) you really forget in which time you're existing, its all just irrelevant. Time... we are just dandelion seeds in the breeze, there one minute and gone another. But the land is eternal, and it remembers us.

George is doing a hand stand in the remains of a Dark Ages humble sea cottage 

Me and George acting like emmets while we share a rare photograph together under the iconic Tintagel castle archway

I had fun collecting some little wild flowers that were along the cliffs! :) 

An underground tunnel below, above... they were chanting! it was interesting to watch

We saw some really great Dragons caves in the side of the cliffs, it's so easy to believe in myths and legends when you live in a place like this :)

A family photograph! A group of Cornishfolk sitting where Cornish folk would have sat hundreds of years ago in the ruins of an ancient cottage

After we explored the cliffs and craggs we went woodwards to St.Nectans Glen, a magical forest where there were celts and pagans believed to be a holy place. We found old carvings of celtic symbols in the stone, and a hollow where people left their tokens and offerings to the old gods

Louis left an offering to the hundreds of ribbons and torn material that decorated the hollow

We then decided to go Waterfall hunting! We followed the smell of salt water along the glen until we arrived on a beautiful route to the sea

This, was alot harder and bigger than it looked! It was extremely tricky (but amazingly fun!) climbing

"Today I climbed the crones tooth and drank from the firefalls"
                - "They say only the bravest kings drink the fire"

George very bravely climbed into the stone cold basin of the falls! This required skill. I wasn't that dextrous :P

We had a beautiful day of adventure, exploration and history. It was my perfect day out. We'll never know for real if King Arthur ever did live at Tintagel, or Merlin came to the Glen, but it's places like this that reign with soul, with power and being at its very core and make Cornwall the magical land that it is. Sometimes I feel that when I cross the border back to my homelands, I'm greeted by a soil that's very alive, very awake and very aware. Maybe its the legends that keeps the magic, that people still believe... there's a reason why we love it so much and wish never to leave, and if we do... we always come back eventually.

We decided to leave our wild sea flowers as our offerings :) I won't tell you what I asked the gods for... 
It's a secret 


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