Saturday, 13 September 2014

Great Expectations at the Minnack

For me and George, although the season of summer is over and dusky autumn evenings are drawing in fast, there are still a precious few days left in our holiday before going back (starting in Georges case!) University in Bath. Yes! Fantastic news, George is accepted at Bath to study 4 years Primary Education +PGCE at the Spa with myself, so finally our long distance love story is at an end, and its just a plain old regular love story now :P
Anyway. I had a rather lazy summer of lounging in the countryside, on the river and taking walks but didn't achieve some of the more exciting things on my to-do list. I didn't manage to get to the Scillies (My dream) didn't go coasteering or banana boating and didn't get to live in the wild (the weather turned too cold). However, in our final weekend I did cram in a few mini adventures! George has no memory of ever visiting Newquay zoo so on Thursday we did the epic drive to Newquay. We didn't take many photo's as the animals were mostly sleeping (I guess they had a busy summer) but we thoroughly enjoyed strolling about the quaint little zoo spotting lemurs and lions. Last night, on impulse and (sort of) by accident, I booked tickets to see Great Expectations at the Minnack.  Myself and George's stepmum Nikki are fans of the classic Dickens tale, so we figured the historic amphitheater carved into the rugged Cornish cliffside would make for a delightful evening . I haven't been to the Minnack for a play in forever, and despite never having seen this particular theatre company we decided to give them a try.
For those of you who aren't familiar with the Minnack Theatre, it's set in the Cliffs of Porthcurno West Cornwall and is a rocky ampitheatre carved into the stone. It faces over the deep blue ocean and puts you in the mind of sea serpents and mermaids. There's no place more dramatic for drama, and we do love a spot of drama. Due to my late booking of the tickets, we were high in the upper ledges so our view was restricted (but made for a quicker escape)

The photo's aren't perfect at all, more snaps really. But I didn't want to walk around obstructing peoples view and intruding to take some photographs. I was restricted to my bums cosy little space on the grass hence the limited photographs.

It's highly recommended you bring cushions and blankets because its pretty breezy on the cliffs! But it makes for snuggly viewing

Mrs. Haversham and Pip

Okay, so my favourite part of the evening (because the performing was a little snoozeworthy) we were fortunate enough to experience our first ever moon rising over the sea. I don't have any photographs good enough worth sharing (no tripod) so instead I'm going to give you a description and let your imagination do the rest ;)

There was a lighthouse beam dancing back and forth on the cliff top. On the deep inky horizon, a planetary pink orb emerged burning from the ocean slowly and for a second we feared the world was ending. When the moon touches the horizon, it gives the impression of being far more enormous than when its high in the center of the sky and the moon was larger than I had ever seen it. The sky was a dark indigo and the moon gave the clouds flickering colours and made them seem as if they were embers burning gently. Watching it from the cliffs ignited something ancient in my soul, I pictured the same phenomenon experienced for hundreds and thousands of years, by an old and ancient people. Always beautiful, Always awe inspiring and Always magnificent.
We come and go, and land comes and goes but the sun, the moon and the sea are old friends and they greet each other in that same majestic manner every dawn and every dusk whether we are there to behold it or not. Watching the planets and the stars makes me feel as little and unimportant as I truly am, but that's when I'm happiest. A tiny spec in creation, but forever privileged to admire and be a part of it.



  1. awhh man, I miss you! come back to Bath so you can help me update my blog ;)

    1. Hello my snuggle bunny!!! Miss you too! :D Can't wait for some adventures and explores ^_^ I thinks we need to hit up the Bath Boating station for a couple shoot with you and Mark ;)


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