Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Dutch Water Gardens And Gloomy October Days

There's such peace in the rain. I used to think that I could only find the rain beautiful back home by the sea, but actually... there's a quietude in the city when the clouds fall on us and I feel closer to the very sky that I yearn for so much.
Once upon a time, I loathed Bath. I loathed it, because it felt like a prison that kept me from happiness and kept me from George and kept me from the ocean. This new term though has been a true blessing; I am in love with my new course. I study books, every day. I feel like I'm just bathing in a metaphorical swimming pool of glorious paper pages filled with the words of great imaginations. It's just... incredible. The best part though, is that my bestest of friends is with me for the adventure and now it's not as scary. I still miss the ocean, our families and the salty sea air of my home, but it's almost too easy now. I have books, and I have George.

Today, we ventured a wild drive in the afternoon over to Westbury dutch water gardens (which are nowhere near Westbury at all! actually almost in Wales by the forests of Dean!) I used to work for the national trust and so I had some knowledge of the other properties about and when I had learned of these "water gardens" I really was intrigued. They basically had me at "water". It was dreary, cloudy and grey but we didn't want to let that get in our way of adventure. Last week, we went to Cheddar in the pouring rain and also did a ramble around Chew Valley lake (In the torrents) so we were determined that we weren't going to be put off by some showers. The gardens were lovely, and I was so fascinated by the little collection of canals in the gardens that were there simply to be and not to carry boats to and fro. We had great fun playing in the leaves and munching on the apples that they offered us, and since it had been such a long  time that we took photographs for fun... we played with the camera too.

We had great fun filling my umbrella with leaves and pretending it was raining autumn. It was actually Georges idea to make it rain autumn, I just wanted to fill up my umbrella with leaves for reasons I haven't quite decided on yet :)

This was our friend that we made, a young duck that had only just got her new "big duck" feathers!

Free tasty apples! 

The canals are so calming, it was good in a way that it was gloomy because we had the gardens very much to ourselves. But on a sunny hot day, it would be perfect to come with a picnic and book. 

One day, I'm going to travel around the Norfolk Broads by boat. I don't know when, and I don't think George has realised this yet, but it's going to happen. He's not too impressed by my dream of living on a house boat, but perhaps he could be persuaded with a compromise of a holiday? It would be a wonderful adventure. He is my opposite in almost every way, yet we are almost the same person.

This autumn is passing by quickly, but with a bit of luck we can squeeze in an adventure a week! We were thinking of next going to the forests of Dean.
I mostly keep this blog for the benefit of my family but in class, we were told that blogs are fantastic tools and are highly encouraged. Maybe I should start doing more things with mine? So far, its just a journal of adventures but I think I should start building it up and getting it really going. I know It's been going for quite a while... A slow trickle, but watch this space... It's going to start growing :)


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