Wednesday, 12 November 2014

OOTD: Dust & Roses

Happy Wednesday everybody! Welcome to the first ever "serious" Salty Sea Blog post about style! 
When I started this blog, it was nothing more than an online scrap book of haph-hazard photographs of me and my friends camping or day-tripping. It's gradually grown to include some of my photography projects, and even a compilation of "Places to go" but it's never been anything particularly organised and structured.
Well, this post sees the beginning of my journey of adapting The Salty Sea blog into a lifestyle blog and today, George and I had fun playing with the "record" function on my camera as we've decided to make a jump into Vlogging together! (So keep an eye on youtube peeps!) 

Today's post, we ventured out into the beautiful streets of Bath to make the most of the sunshine. This evening they're switching on Bath's Christmas lights so George and I escaped the town as quick as possible when we learned what was going on. It's early November, I haven't quite got past Halloween and Bonfire night yet so I'm not ready for Christmas! I am in denial, I refuse to accept the giant conical tree that has manifested by the train station. 
Bath is a beautiful city to be in during the Autumn and Winter, and everyone loves to wrap up warm and bang on about their knitwear and nobody is more passionate about banging on about knitwear than I. Sarah Jane Porteus, queen of the wool. 

Currently, I'm having a bit of a 'pink' moment. Normally I'm crazy about yellows, oranges and blues but I came across this lacy skater dress the other day on in the midst of my pink binge and it went straight in the cart. It was a super bargain at £15 and I've worn it at every opportunity I can. (Including class) 

I also discovered Rose tea today! We popped into the little cafe on Pultney bridge (Which we normally avoid since it's an absolute tourist spawning box) but it was empty and quite frankly I was sold when I saw on the door that they were selling BBQ Pulled pork baps. It was a done jobbie. We bagged ourselves a seat by the window with a view over the wier and indulged in pink tea, macaroons and hog roast. #livingthedream 

 What I love about skater dresses is how they are pretty versatile. I like to consider how much wear I'm gonna get out of something when I buy it, (This mentality comes from spending too much time around guys)
and I figured that this particular find is something that can be dressed down with tights and boots and worn casually, or as a pretty frock to a party or weddings. I'm guilty of wearing boots 3 seasons a year with everything I can, and Fatface has brought out a great range of military and country style ones this season!

This is my little Narwhal ring Henry, George bought him for me last Christmas on Etsy and he was handmade in Oregon, USA. I absolutely LOVE Narwhals, I am ridiculously obsessed and so Henry deserved his own little feature.

Right. Knitwear. Now we're talking! My collection is stupidly enormous, and 90% of it, I am proud to inform you is HOMEMADE. Yes, you heard me... Homemade. I have THE most awesome Nan in the world. She's not the kind of Nan that you expect though, she's as mad as a hatter (Said Nan dragged me kicking and screaming on the Rock and Roller Coaster at Disney Paris when I was 10) and she likes a casual willy joke when she's had too much wine. BUT, true to being a Nan, she knits her loving granddaughter the most lovely clothes because I'm poor. And Knitwear is hip now right?
Casual footnote: I would just like to throw it out there that I've been wearing knitwear before it was hip ;)

One thing I really want to big up in the Salty Sea Blog is "Homemade Clothes". Personally, I'm about as talented as a kangaroo when it comes to making clothes, but I'm going to learn! and share this journey with you. I'll also be featuring guest posts from my crafty genius fellow blogger Lisa at "Happyhomemade" and sharing some favourite knits from the "Nan-made-with-love" section that's coming soon!
I love the concept of being able to create your own style from scratch and design what you want to wear so I'm mega excited to start learning to make clothes :)

Below, is my "bespoke" Fairisle Cardigan (Nan-made-with-love) with little wooden buttons that I chose myself. The pattern I believe  is Sirdar and still in circulation, and the wool is also Sirdar Double knit Fairisle effect. (Genius invention)

Another cheeky appearance from my Nan-made-with-love theme, is my favourite Red Aran Scarf. 
It's snuggly warm and was made out of spare wool from a matching red jumper. 

Boots: Fatface   Coat: Apricot  Dress:  Gloves: Accessorize  Tights: Newlook 
Cardigan & Scarf: C.O Nan-made-with-love

Well, Thank you for reading my first ever personal style post! I can't wait to edit the little vlog snippet that George and I made (It's very awkward and giggly I'm afraid) and be sure to share your feedback! 
It look's like Autumn is slowly deserting us, but let's cross our fingers for snow! 
Happy Blogging lovely people 



  1. What a lovely, autumny post, I look forward to many more :) xxx

    1. Thankyou Lisa :D Can't wait to get creative! I've got some mega plans in the works :P xxx

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Avy! :)

      I'll hop over to your blog now ^_^ ♥


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