Sunday, 23 November 2014

Sunday at the Markets

There's a charming and old disused train station just off the center of Bath near the park that has been cleverly reworked into a community space. Every Saturday there's a morning farmers market that takes place and on a Sunday, depending on the week you could find anything from a vintage fashion event, an antiques fair or an artisan market!
George and myself, have been rather put out at the sad passing of my cars clutch which means we couldn't get out to the car-boots like we had hoped... however it did remind us that there are some beautiful and fun events to be had, just a stroll into the city itself. This particular artisan market was a little more special than the usual for there were brass bands playing Christmas carols all day. I've finally accepted that Christmas is well on its way and braved a few trips out to the shops to get some gifts. Sadly, the shops have been obscenely crammed with frenzied Christmas shoppers fueled on mince pies desperate to beat anyone aside and well... I'm just not that competitive where shopping's involved. If I could order everything off the internet and have it delivered to my house complete with the nostalgic feeling of browsing merry boutiques adorned with festive decorations, twinkling fairy lights and Christmas carols then I would. But alas, Amazon has not figured out how to bottle, post and charge for nostalgia so until then I shall have to fight the crowds in order to soak up that magic that you get from late night shopping and drifting around the stalls with a steaming cup of mulled wine in hand.

I love how this lady is multitasking. She's running her stall AND crocheting her next product! What a whizz. I'm also very much in love with that crochet round pillow in those amazing colours lurking on the bottom right there ...

These Corsages are just AMAZE. (Lisa from HappyHomemade, have you SEEN these?!) the colours are vibrant and wonderful and they're so tastefully done.

Charming little pin cushion jars! Maybe one day I'll be better at sewing and then I can have pretty things like these littering my bedroom.

Do those stools remind anyone else from school science class? Only ours were normally grey or red and much less floral :(

Take note George Sanger! I LOVE THESE CANDLES. They came in Sea Breeze smell although I'm not convinced it's a genuine bottled scent? I'm also a bit dubious of Yankees latest 'Angels Wings' fragrance. Mr Yankee has evidently met and Angel and replicated the smell of his wings for his candle company. However, putting my whining aside, what's not to love about candles in teacups? It's like a free prize at the end!

We broke the mince pies seal of the year with some gluten free treats from Beth's Bake stand. Neither of us are actually gluten intolerant but so many yummies are gluten free these days. My latest fave is polenta based snacks. I feel like a sneaky non meat-eater that's hogging all the quorn :P

I would really love to try my hand at needle felting! Mr Reindeer is a handsome fellow.

We kick started our festive spirit officially with the first mulled cider of the season. I live for this stuff (not that I'm an alcoholic) but it's possibly my favourite thing about winter and the build up to Christmas. After Christmas, it mysteriously vanishes even though the weather is bitter cold and dreary. Personally, I can never suss out quite why end of Christmas = end of mulled wine/cider. I think I'm going to stock up my cupboards with rekordelig and mulled spice bags to help me cope with the January blues.

The Bath brew house, on James Street opposite the markets is the place to be on a Sunday afternoon. The atmosphere inside is just what you need on a winters day. The decor is tasteful but not overdone, with subtle novelties like up-cycled beer keg stools and thrift shop tea pots. I was surprised by their large range of beverages and even though the food menu is small, I have eaten here before and can assure you the meals are pretty spiffy and portions generous. My eyes popped out my head when a half roast chicken drifted past. I'm a bit cautious of roast dinners in the city as so far they've all been a bit on the small and disappointing side but I think we'll definitely come back  for a roast next time. Especially seeing as Sundays they provide free live acoustic music which was  mellow and relaxing.

George is learning card tricks. He's expanding his circus hobbies and pursuing the life of a magician just in case being a primary school teacher doesn't quite work out.

mmm. Cider.

Keep an eye out for markets in your local area! if you're stuck for Christmas shopping ideas they are the perfect place to start. Nothing is quite as unique and quirky as a hand crafted item from a local artisan plus the atmosphere is always a boost to get you in the zone for the festive period.

I'd love to hear how you guys are getting into the Christmas mood.

Merry November Jelly Beans


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