Monday, 22 December 2014

On The River Sessions

Back in the early autumn, I spent an incredibly dreamy afternoon in a magical nook of South Cornwall with a great local band called Loose Change. Photographing musicians is something I love because I adore live music, so when George's step mum Niki asked me to come along with them to document an 'informal jam' on the river... of course I was game. We drove over to St.Anthony which is on the creek. I absolutely love this part of the Helford because it combines two things I love, the river and the sea. We came down snorkeling here one evening last year and my toes got pinched by a 'dear' little crab. It's such a tremendously beautiful spot and there's a little peninsula you can access through a secret path where there's a sneakily hidden vardo and some people have been known to camp here. We set up our little jamming zone and a bonfire as it was a chilly day (summer was on its way out) and it was wonderful just paddling in the river, snapping real moments and listening to the people I love making  beautiful music. 
Sarah and Jem (The Guitarist/bassist/violinist) are close friends of the family and make homemade apple juice for their little brand 'Helford Creek'. They make the juice on their own farm and if you're a local to Cornwall, you will definitely recognise their products on the shelves! (They also happen to make my favourite Elderflower pressé). This trio are fabulous company and this has to be the best musician sessions I've ever been a part of. 

 I should probably add that their band is called 'Loose Change' and they perform all over Cornwall. Of course George and I and the rest of the family are number one fans.

 Niki is fearless. George honestly has the coolest stepmum ever. If you can ever count consistently on someone to be up for any adventure and jumping in the ocean clothes and all, it's Niki. We've spent many a summer evening snorkelling/bathing down at Godrevy cove with one of her best friends Mariette. I have such a small family and being  my dads only child, it's such an exciting contrast being around Georges enormous clan. I love all the adventures we have, the silliness and the banter. Also, they seem to know every single secret cove and creek in Cornwall so life is never ever boring.

Please don't labour under the false delusion that I'm a violinist. I had lessons for about two years at University but I am terrible and lack commitment when it comes to practicing. Niki got a few sneaky shots of me practicing (Terribly) on Sarah's violin, but at this moment the peace and tranquility of the river was shattered by the sound of lamenting siamese cats (my playing).

It's the middle of the winter, and now George is in Bath with me I have run out of excuses for regularly darting back to Cornwall. I'm counting down the days already for the Easter holidays because the weather will be milder again and I can get back to my favourite 'laughing places'. I love winter when it A) snows B) is stormy C) is calm and clear but I only have two precious weeks and so far, this wind and mizzle is unrelenting.  Snow in Cornwall is about as common as Rocking horse droppings so hopefully my only silver lining of returning to Bath is the potential for a white wonderland! 



  1. Absolutely love the photography! It looks like it was pretty cold but fun too! Nice post :)

    1. Thankyou Shazzashots! :D The bonfire made it all better I promise ^.^ Glad you enjoyed it :) xo


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