Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Roller Coasters & Winter Adventures In Old London

HAPPY COUNT DOWN TO CHRISTMAS MY FESTIVE FANCIES :) Today's adventure took me to a place I very rarely go, Old England's capital: London! I used to have to travel there quite often when I did BA Photography to visit the various art galleries (groan). The only time I would voluntarily spend my freedom in someplace so busy and big was for the hypnotic festive atmosphere that London has around Christmas (If the Harrods window displays don't get you in the holly jolly mood, then you sir are a true Ebeneezer Scrooge). I think I've actually been pretty unfair on London in the past. I'm learning to love cities just a little bit more these days, and even though I'll always be a wild country hick at heart... I'm beginning to finally have fun in these busy and vibrant hubs! Well, true to my tradition it's building up to Christmas and so a trip to the old smoke was in order before packing up my student digs and heading back down south for the winter. 

Lisa, a fellow blogger ( HAPPYHOMEMADE ) and also an old college friend of mine, traveled down from York especially for a Cornish maids day out. She's working up t'North these days with her wonderful fiancĂ© (and also spiffy friend of mine) Josiah, so we normally only see them in the holidays. It turns out, London is actually a great commute point for us both to hang out and get up to our tomfoolery that is the norm back home. Also, she had never been to the Hyde Park Winter Wonderland and well, that needed to be changed. ^.^ 
Now Lisa has alot to answer for. I love her witty banter and brilliant signature laugh, but woman... I'm going to go broke. We went into the quaint little Cath Kidston in the portobello markets and I spent a small fortune on a floppy hat (I have a mad hat addiction) and a wonderful floral patchwork star dress. You could blame me for having a weakness for stars and prints, but I was rather egged on by a mysterious chanting and clapping phenomenon that went: "Buy it, Buy it, Buy it". Love you really Lisa, I'll get my revenge :P 

                        Dress: Cath Kidston    Fleck Wool tights: Fat face    Hat: Portobello Market 
              Boots: Red or dead 

Voila! below, I present to you, the mad and wonderful lady that is the front of the HappyHomemade vlog & blog. If I could describe her in one phrase, it would be: 'Eccentric Cornish Cat Lady with the wit of a fox and fine airs of a decadent Parisienne aristocrat' (Only much more ethical, down to earth and sassy) .
I was desperate to hit the funfair and go on the chair swings but as Lisa rightly pointed out 'they do go round in circles and spinning rides tend to make one feel a bit nasty in the tum' (I remembered my previous shock horror last summer at home, when I visited the Witsun fair in Cornwall and realised round-and-round rides are no longer a fun zone for me, but rather a vom-inducing bringer of sufferance). I quickly agreed, and we decided that the Wild Mouse roller coaster looked like a fun combo of 'exciting, cheerful and forward-moving'.

For your viewing pleasure, I have recorded our escapades on the 'Wild Maus' and made it into a vlog! It is probably hilare, and includes much screaming. Listening carefully for the overused phrase: ' Oh dear god, I'm going to die'.  I normally pride myself on being a bad-ass roller coaster queen who will brave Universal Islands of Adventures meanest upside down coasters and Thorpe parks wildest air riders. I boarded the Wild Maus with the bravado and swagger of a Spanish bull fighter but my god... It certainly took my breath away (Literally). We came off practically hyperventilating :P
Being the ninny that I am however, the footage of the coaster action has mysteriously disappeared. All that hanging onto my camera like mad and feeling as though I was going to fall out of my chair seemed to be in vain. Luckily, Lisa was more fortunate and had a successful recording so I shall share with you her footage along with a little winter montage that I'm putting together :)

The day went far too quickly but was super fun. We had beautiful little cakes in a cafe in Notting Hill, made our way around the little Portobello markets and successfully haggled for my hat (Whopping saving of £3 was made ladies and gents). We had a proper go around the fair with candyfloss galore, bought the boyf a secret (and hopefully awesome) present in Harrods and eventually had one last sleepy natter over beef burgers before heading back to our trains.
I feel like I've misjudged London. After 3 years of living in Bath now (Which I know guys, doesn't constitute as a proper big city) I'm finally getting used to the crowds and madness and finding something exciting and intoxicating in the vibes. Hopefully we'll be coming with my housemates for some more exploring (I really wanna tear around the British National History Museum!)
Hope everybody is having a fantastic winter and getting all possible use out of their dodgy Christmas jumpers.


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