Friday, 12 December 2014

Winter Wanderings at Prior Park

Last weekend, Rosie and I braved the chill of a Bath winters day for a ramble in the beautiful Prior park; a national trust property just above Widcombe. We had been planning for a while, ideas of a wintery ballet shoot and decided that Prior Park was the absolute perfect place for the setting. Rosie came fully prepared with a bag full of cosy shawls and blankets for our adventure which came in extremely useful later on as the sun faded! One thing I really miss about my life down south in Cornwall are the readily available nature spots. All I have to do is leave the front door and BOOM I'm in a rustic and wild country setting. I absolutely adore the Georgian architecture in Bath, the sandstone and even more, the little medieval streets! but I really value these moments when my friends and I escape and find these treasures. When you're in the heart of Prior Park, you wouldn't believe you're in the city. You can climb up to the skyline and look over at the beautiful valley that is Bath and I highly recommend it. Anyway, enough yapping! Here are the photos from our 'Wintery Ballet' adventure.

Rosie was one of my first ever housemates at Bath Spa and one of the first people I met here! She's extremely friendly and resembles somewhat a certain Disney princess... Can you guess what she studies at Uni?

I'm not sure how she managed to dance around in a leotard at these temperatures. I was wearing two jumpers, thermals under my jeans, 3 pairs of socks and a parka and I was still cold.

 After we the light really started to fade, and our fingers and toes turned blue, we headed to the little shed at the bottom of the park that serves as a cafe. Rosie treated me to a cup of tea and we bagged ourselves the bench right by the fire. I cannot express to you how grateful we were for that little log burner. It was so dreamy sipping hot tea with our toes up near the flames chatting and looking over the lake.

It was a brilliant day. Afterwards we hit the Bath Christmas markets for a spot of last minute shopping and I managed to pick up some goodies for the boyfriend while she chowed down on a strawberry and chocolate pancake. Bath is so festive and magical at Christmas, but only a few days left until I go back to the country and the sea :) Our decorations aren't quite so classy as those in Bath, but the Coverack mermaid Christmas lights are always the highlight of my year. This little bonfire has inspired me to do a spot of outdoor cooking this winter so I may well be putting up a winter bucket list soon. Also, when I go home and find my sketchbooks, I'll be sharing lots of illustrations and arty things ♥
Happy countdown to Christmas lovely people


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  1. These photos are so beautiful! As is Rosie! Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog by the way :) CC x


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