Thursday, 1 January 2015

Nadelik Lowen

I know that this post finds you a bit late, alot later than I had hoped, but it's that inevitable panic before a new term at Uni, polishing off work for the deadlines and cramming in as many family walks/rambles as humanely possible before heading back to Bath. Anyhoo, in the spirit of festivity I present thee with my 'Christmas by the Sea' themed post. 

I know that everybody everywhere has a totally different version of Christmas (or other winter celebration!) whether it's in the city, the mountains, by a lake or indeed the ocean. I'll never forget how my mind was blown when I found out that Christmas in Australia happens in the middle of the summer. December. Summer. whoah, what? Well, in Cornwall Christmas tends to normally be blustery and stormy and that was certainly the way it began when I first got back for the Uni holidays. Come Christmas day, it was an angelic, clear sky with a twinkling low tide and calm seas. Snow is about as rare as a bearded lady down here, and I often thought that one of Bath's major plus points was white winters. But after coming back to this quirky and idyllic little time-warp of a place that is my home, I realised that it's perfect just the way it is. I wouldn't trade all the harbours adorned with festive sea serpent lights and the smell of winter heather for the world. 

"Nadelik Lowen" 

Is what we say in Cornish, and it means 'Merry Christmas'. But if you're welsh, you would have already guessed that because it's incredibly similar ^.^ (dem Celts). So here I'm sharing with you our little festive experience by the sea in south Cornwall, I hope you've had an equally wonderful winter experience :) 

This wreath is handmade from Cornish Heather by the lovely Sarah from the local Bushcraft club where Louis goes adventuring. This has definitely inspired me to make my very own wreath next year, I hope I can find craft workshops for them! 

On Christmas eve we all worked together as a family to build a 'popping candy croquembouche'. Profiteroles are very popular in the Sanger clan, and we had a whale of a time building it, and then destroying it to eat the rolls! 

 Little details around the house that I loved. I was so excited to find a parcel wrapped in 'Frozen wrapping' under the tree, and uber intrigued as it was allegedly a gift from 'All in the land of fae'.

Every year, it is our tradition to join the village and meet our friends for the Christmas day swim! Last year, it was cloudy and somewhat humid and the tide was in (which is a blessing) however this year it was crisp, icy but deceivingly sunny! I absolutely love being on the beach on Christmas day, it's my idea of paradise. We had been on the beach the night before for the midnight communion in the church that looks over the sea. We sang hymns together and then did dizzy wizzies on the beach til we fell over.
Last year, George came in with me but he bottled out this time. I had forgotten to wear my swimming costume so I went in a nighty instead and I figured no nighty would be more appropriate for a dip in the sea than a Little Mermaid one!

"'Twas bleddy fresh I tell'ee" 

Afterwards we went to the Grandparents house for an enormous family dinner. I wore my new favourite Cath Kidston dress that George bought me for Christmas!

 I know it's over-said, but Christmas really isn't about presents. That doesn't stop me from spoiling everyone ever year and over splurging on all the wonderful treasures I find in the markets. This year, my favourite wrapping paper of choice was the Cath Kidston range with simple twine for a ribbon. I was incredibly lucky and thankful for the wonderful gifts I was given. Honestly, my favourite thing to receive is socks (because I always lose them) and Nan had lovingly handcrafted me a pair herself.

Georges family were wonderful to me. The gift from the fairies turned out to be a book signed by the author that Niki and Louis had queued up for two hours in Falmouth for! I am a dedicated fan of the Labrynth and Dark Crystal films, and the Froud couple designed the puppets for Jim Henson which featured in Both films. Niki and Louis bought me a beautiful book of their illustrations and stories of the different fairies, hand signed. It is wonderful.

Georges Grandma is from Canada, hence the theme of the place mats which I adore. We had a delicious dinner with twelve of us and then build a train set by the fire, watched the Dr Who special and played Rummy-O late into the night. To top off the festivities, we all went together to Truro for the Boxing day Pantomime (Robin Hood) which was a great laugh. You're never too old for a Pantomime.

I'm sadly back in Bath now and already pining for Kernow. It's my mission this year to find as many outdoor naturific spots as possible around Somerset and go adventuring to nearby Dorset, Wales and beyond. I hope you all had wonderful winter wanderings wherever you may be and Bledhen Nowyth Da! (Happy New year) to you all ♥


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