Friday, 9 January 2015

OOTD: These Old Streets

Today, was the day of freedom at our house. With essays and Dissertations finished and handed in and the sun shining outside, we were finally free. Free to skip about, explore all the old windy streets and kick up leaves in the park. If you are like me, and enjoy windy cobbled old streets and have a very romantic view of how cities should be, then Bath is paradise. I am utterly fascinated by medieval history and when I discovered that Bath (post aquae sulis) goes back beyond Georgian times, back to medieval I was so excited. I wasted no time in exploring the oldest parts of town, the old tunnels and dark age vaults to the river and soaking up the quirky little left-behind remnants of medieval Bath. Part of the reason why I was so in love with Edinburgh was because I was utterly enchanted by the 'Old Town' with it's chilling graveyards, stopping eerie buildings and ominous castle. Bath's medieval quarter can be found in the Walcot street area which is also the quirky artisan section where you'll find some great little caf├ęs, the best pub in Bath (The Bell which has amazing live music) and great vintage shops. 

One of my aims this year was to take more and more photographs and be more inspired about what's around me. Now that Jess is liberated from her dissertation, she's working on relaunching her little fashion & lifestyle blog (which makes me happy) so me being desperate for a subject to photograph, and her being a willing participant meant that we got to work on some outfit shots for her first post!
Inspired by her enthusiasm for fashion and styling, I thought it would be fun to share with you a recent outfit I'm enjoying paired with a beautiful flower crown kindly lent to me by the wonderful Jessica Ce-Ce.

I know how much Jess loves pale pinks and flowers and all things pretty. I was looking for something personal and handmade for her Christmas present and thought that Crown and Glory's giftboxes would make the perfect present for her! They are excellent value, as I was utterly impressed by the quality of their products and enjoyed feeling like a fairy so much, that I'm sure their accessories are something I shall be investing in! 

 My little yellow beret comes with happy memories. This summer, George and I spent a wonderful few days in Paris visiting his brother and I managed to pick up this piece of head ware for a whopping 3 euros. I love a bargain, and yellow is my favourite colour. I am obsessed with hats and I feel so wonderfully European when wearing a beret.

 Flower Headband: Crown and Glory (Jess)  Dress: Cath Kidston 
Velvet Crop top: Primark  Over Knee Socks: H&M 
Boots: FatFace 

I absolutely love this little dress that George bought me for Christmas. It's a beautiful fit and as always, Cath Kidston has designed something flattering and extremely well made. Being a religious skirt/dress/shorts wearer, I'm often stuck in wintertime when it's too cold and jumpers are required. I struggle to find jumpers that don't ruin dresses and make them look frumpy so when I found this velvet crop top loitering at the bottom of my wardrobe, I figured I'd dig it out and give it a new lease of life. Since buying this years ago, I've made a decision to avoid Primark where I can as I'm always dissapointed with the quality (plus I get a guilty feeling in my gut about the exploitation of their workers). I know it's the same for many places, which is a huge reason I'm trying to get into Ethical buying (local, handmade clothing) but it's extremely difficult when you're poor (unless your awesome Nan knits wonderful things).

 As well as a stroll around the park, we explored the city, marveling at the tiny details in the great buildings and appreciating the little things.

I love the bizzare shapes of the town houses. They are so fun to look at from behind.

The exceedingly lovely miss Jessica. I'm trying to be minimal on what sneak peeks I release from her shoot so that it's a surprise :) Her little shoot will be going up on her blog in due course ^.^ you will be able to find them here along with her outfits and newly designed blog :)

I love little secrets like this around Bath. This alley leads from the new Georgian quarter down to the medieval side of the city. Almost like jumping through times.

 Now that Christmas is over, I'm ready for spring. As much as I'm enjoying watching all the robins and blackbirds in the garden eating the berries (it's a veritable menagerie right now, Mrs.Nextdoors washing gets covered in poops) I'm getting pretty excited about the tiny pink blossoms appearing on the cherry trees. I'm ready for spring, for sun and warm afternoons. I'm ready for picnics, rolling down hills and picking flowers. Please, England, if you're not going to give me snow, give me flowers.



  1. The photography in this post is just stunning~! Please teach me your ways! I've always wished i could pull off a flower two look incredible :) xxxx

    1. Thankyou for your lovely words Lisa :)
      I think the key to pulling off a flower crown is just having balls :P (Not literally) They always look fantastic, you just have to go with it :)
      Your blog is extremely pretty! love the design ^.^
      Sarah xxxo

  2. I have always wanted to visit Bath - with it being such a beautiful city and relatively close to home it's surprising that I haven't. Regardless, this post (with your absolutely gorgeous photos) has made me want to visit even more :) X

    1. Ahh, it's so pretty! so many places to discover and explore :D
      I'm glad people are enjoying the photography and feeling inspired! horray! :D
      Hopefully we'll see you in Bath soon ^.^ (Ps. Make sure you get a visit to Warleigh Weir!)

  3. Lovely photos! ans your blog name is awesome :D

    1. Thankyou Rachel! :D
      I read somewhere that you should name your blog/company after that which inspires you most.
      Growing up on the Southern tip of Cornwall, naturally my biggest inspiration is the Salty Sea :D xxo


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