Friday, 23 January 2015

While We Are Young

I know I'm not alone when it comes to struggling through January. It's an incredibly still month and it feels for a moment as if like all the leaves and puddles, time has frozen, holding us here in this frosty limbo of pale skies, bony trees and dead meadows. Everyone tends to get incredibly excited around autumn for hot spiced drinks and jumpers and Christmas but after the come down from celebrations we're left to return to our jobs/studies and endure the coldest month of the year whilst begging for spring to rear its sleepy head. 
Back home, by the sea, I enjoy the quiet months because it means the coastline is peaceful, free from emmets and often stormy.
But we are young, even if the seasons do make us dizzy as they pass us by causing us to feel like we've seen it all. Last night, I lay in bed looking at Georges wonderful face and we talked about being old one day and I wondered how differently we'd look then, on that day, George's twenty one year old face  would just be a memory and so would mine. There will be dozens more winters to come (if I am lucky) and it seemed foolish to waste them wishing for spring. This is now, life is happening. I am twenty three and my existence is spread out before me like a blank map, a path waiting to be explored. 
I may not have a log burner to huddle up next to, I may not be close right now to the crashing waves and howling winds that I love about the cold months and I may not be in a snowy white wonderland. Winter here right now is basic but that doesn't mean it can't be relished. I have two working feet, the world around me and the company of my best friend and so why shouldn't I cherish winter moments? Let time slow down a little and let my head empty itself ready for all the things that will surely fill it when the flowers come back. 

When I finish my degree, I hope to rent a barge for a few months so that I can write and lead a different life for a small while. I could finally be a character in a story, a river girl, a traveler. This barge below reminded us so much of home. Godrevy cove is the name of the beach that George's Step mum's best friend owns and it's also our local. So many summer evening dips with the family, bonfires with friends and snorkeling around the mermaid pool. I love Bath marina even more now. 

Robins are one of my favourite things about the cold months. In my home as a child we would always have a feisty bold one who would casually spend time with us on the patio coming as close as anything. Robins back home are always feisty and bold but this fellow was a little more shy. They have so much personality these charming little fellows. 

This hat was a FatFace summer find and this dress was a pre Christmas ASOS sale bargain at around £10.
George is really getting the hang of my new camera now, his photography is coming on in leaps and bounds. He's often a reluctant model for me so I end up having to be the awkward stand-arounder whilst he has a play with the Nikon. I love taking photographs far more than being in them. One of my biggest project plans this year are merging creative writing with photographs. I've got some plans lined up for stories I've written that I will post as soon as I've done the shoots, also some narrative shoots on the horizon that I shall post in due course as I will be looking for willing models/participants :)

The dress and stockings combo with clunky boots is an old favourite of mine. I don't often wear jeans unless we're hardcore rambling but I love dresses all year round because they're so freeing & comfortable. I also love the 'swooshing' that they do when you do dizzy wizzies :)

The mysterious path through the tunnel 

Sometimes all you need is a wide open space and a breeze to blow the dust out of your ears

I don't have many wise words or top notch tips for getting through January blues-free because we all enjoy different therapies and I don't think I have it entirely sussed myself. I think the small things help though and making each day mean something. Let's not wish away January and forget to live, let's make it as wonderful and magic filled as the rest of the year and eat cake (unless you don't like cake, in which case don't eat cake :P)



  1. What magically gorgeous photos you have here! :)
    You should definitely fulfil your wish to become, as you put it, "a character in a story" for a while - I too always have the desire to escape from chaotic reality for a bit and live a totally different life X

  2. Finding someone to grow old with, isn't that what life is all about? That or dying young.


  3. Great pictures!


  4. Thankyou for the kind words everybody :)
    And thankyou for sharing your links to your lovely blogs ^.^ ♥

    Sarah xxo

  5. Gosh, these photographs are absolutely beautiful. I wish I a) wasn't using my old, rubbish camera and b) the weather was better for long walks with the dog and husband so I could attempt to take nicer photos!
    I think that we are always in such a hurry to be getting on to the next big thing in our lives that we often forget to stop and look around us, to soak in the little moments and savour each day. I know I'm looking forward to spring (anything to stop being so cold) but I really must stop wishing my life away...
    Debi x

  6. I just stumbled upon your blog and have been utterly lost in it, admiring your writing and swooning over your talent (for slightly longer than I should have. I must add - I'm now a little behind on work)! I almost feel lost for words at this point, now it has come to actually commenting. I often find it fairly hard to engage in the blogging world because a lot of the content appears trivial. Nothing wrong with that, of course. Such things are necessary at times. I mean, my blog is probably rather trivial. But it's just ridiculously refreshing to be able to marvel over something with meaning. I'll stop right there, in case I am appearing absolutely insane. I didn't plan on popping up out of no where and gushing via the keyboard - I'm suddenly quite aware that it could make a cringe inducing read for you haha. I just wanted to say that I look forward to reading your blog and thank you for posting content that I could connect with x

    1. Stevie, this is just an incredibly kind and heart warming comment.
      It made me smile so much!

      Honestly, it's not cringey at all. I'm totally bowled over and grateful that you took the time to write this ^.^

      I totally agree with you about engaging in things that sometimes seem trivial. Although I perfectly enjoy a good lifestyle/fashion blog, my favourites are always without a doubt the ones with a story to tell :)

      I'm so happy you found meaning in my blog ^.^ I use the blog as a sort of self exploratory tool :) I'm not quite sure that I've found the meaning myself yet >.<

      I hope I can live up to your expectations now and keep posting intriguing content :D

      Thanks again for stopping by

      Sarah xxo

  7. Wow Wow Wow! This post has just made me fall in love with you blog, and perhaps a little with you?! haha Beautiful words Sarah and absolutely stunning pictures. What lense/camera did you use?

    Very Happy Friday to you!

    1. Happy Friday to you too! (although it's technically Saturday now for me :P)

      I use a Nikon D610 and I do believe the lens was a Tamron 28-70mm.

      I'm really glad you enjoy the blog ^.^ Horray! That always makes me happy that somehow I'm making sense to somebody :D

      Thanks for stopping by ^.^

      Sarah xxo

  8. omg! gorgeous pictures, love all of them :) xoxo
    INSTAGRAM - hellodashi

  9. 'I love taking photographs far more than being in them.' <-- Most relatable sentence of 2015. :P

    Beautiful, beautiful photos as always!

    Ahhh...and now I want to eat cake. I think I may have to have a baking day soon...


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