Sunday, 8 March 2015

Warm Winds on the Lake

This last week, some strange breezes have been blowing about England. Whilst folks in the North are still reporting snow, we've been enjoying some bizarrely warm afternoons. Some days, I'd be almost tricked into believing it really was spring but by the time evening came and the sun set, the bitter cold came back to remind us that it was winter, and it hadn't given up on us yet. 
The last few weeks have been challenging, as it always is this time of year. The cold begins to get to us, chill our bones and numb at our energy and enthusiasm turning us into quiet, withdrawn ghosts of ourselves. Let's not even mention University deadlines. This afternoon, after poetry, George, Jess and I had decided that it was time for a Friday adventure. Enough was enough, we had been battling through work and assignments and there's only so long you can shut yourself indoors for before you go totally mad. The sun shone beautifully today and it was warm enough to brave the outdoors with just a jumper. We packed up a quick picnic and headed to our local lake in Chew Magna for some fresh air and escape from never ending bus journeys. 

Although picnics are typically a summery thing, we tried out the idea of a winter version. Ideally, I'd love a campfire going but Bath and North East Somerset just aren't as liberal as our beloved Cornwall when it comes to casual mini fires. We packed a flask of Hot Chocolate and some delicious sour dough with Paté and enjoyed the beautiful views over the lake. Naturally, there was a fair bit of goofing around.

 Jess is one of my best friends. She's a veteran of 'The Gang'. Back in college, we were cool enough to belong to a 'possey' of pretty cool people who were hip and in bands. We spent most of our social evenings at gigs of those who were in bands, house parties, camping trips and random adventures. Jess and I were the two that moved to Bath with Jegs not too far away in Bristol. Jack stayed home in Cornwall with Dan whilst Josiah and Lisa made the epic journey to York, and Tristan to Wales with lastly, Clementine leaving us behind to go to University in France. Although we're all spread out, when we have our annual camp out in the summer and mini adventures it's like we've never been apart and no one is ever too tired and old for some sort of silly shenanigan. Jess and George feature heavily on this blog, because naturally they're the two I see the most. We have this sort of ideal that one day we'll be all living close in Cornwall again and spending summer evenings relaxing in the garden, playing acoustic music like the old times and telling silly stories and laughing about the time Joe and Jegan went for a boating excursion on the river in only their pants and fell in.

 I'm excited for being able to ditch the jeans and jumpers and run about Cornwall with no shoes on in shorts and skirts. I love my ridiculously huge collection of homemade jumpers but I love the summer more. This duck egg jumper is one of the first ones my Nan made for me since she took up knitting again and it's still my favourite.

Good walking shoes are hard to find. I paid £7.50 for these boots in a Charity Shop a few weeks ago and I've never worn anything so comfy. I've never found such a good quality and sturdy pair of shoes let alone for £7.50 so I was pretty chuffed. George is an avid Charity Shop scourer, I think he finds something exciting in discovering something because he loves carboots and markets too.

In this moment I snuck up on them whilst they were watching something. The sun setting was so beautiful and in this moment they were illuminated and everything was peaceful.

Fanx again Nan for the jumper. You're the bestest ♥

 Also, whilst we're on the topic of Nan's wonderful talents. She made me my yellow blanket too. Honestly, that woman is a M A C H I N E. Oh, and we've acquired another dog! He's called Harvey and I'm yet to meet him but Milly is not too happy at having to share her bed apparently.

Wildlife & bird watching. I'm keeping my eye out for a good pair of binoculars so George and I can do some bird watching this year :) I have an obsession with puffins so this summer I really want to go puffin spotting! 

 This was the last photograph I took as we walked back to the car. The sun illuminated the reeds just in one spot and it was magnificent. The natural world never ceases to utterly amaze me. The above photograph wasn't edited whatsoever and I couldn't get over how perfect the colours of the sky are. The clouds and sky is another thing that endlessly fascinates me. I was really disappointed when the book/film 'Cloud Atlas' turned out to not really be about clouds :( sadtimes.

Where do you go for your winter walks? and how do you all keep your spirits up in the cold months?
I hope you all have wonderful weeks filled with warm breezes (or snow! depending on what you prefer) I think our chance for snow this year has well passed.



  1. Love the idea of a Winter picnic, you'd have to wrap up like an Eskimo to have one up here in the North East though, it's freezing! Yesterday my friend in London text to comment on the amazing weather and I had to check my weather app for London to see what on earth she was talking about. It was 16 degrees down there yesterday but up North it was 8 degrees with 50 mph winds!

    I'm so obsessed with puffins too, there's a "Puffin Cruise" that sails from the North East Coast that I'm dying to go on this Summer!

    Chloe x

  2. As always, your photos are absolutely gorgeous!!
    I also love your comment about Cornwall being liberal with mini-fires; I'd never thought about it before but yes, so true! Also the automatic tolerance for short shorts and half naked men haha. x

  3. Swooning over that tea mug! SO cute I love it!

  4. Your pictures are absolutely gorgeous! You are such a skilled photographer and I love your blog (which I only found today!). Am now following and look forward to reading more from you :) x

  5. Although I have not been brave enough yet to go on a winter picnic, I actually love taking walks through Berlin in the winter. The winter sticks around for so long here after all, that if you want to be outside and enjoy the fresh air, you are just going to have to bite the bullet and step out into the cold.

    Really lovely photos - I love how aesthetic your picnic was and it is so great to have a core group of friends to re-connect with every so often for adventures or camping trips even when some live far away. I am also really impressed with your grandma's talents. I wish I had a grandmother who could knit me things!

    Rae | love from berlin

  6. The blanket your gran made for you looks so cosy! Makes a perfect accompaniment to the picnic, I'm sure! Handmade items from family members are just the best - they are just so special compared to what you could buy from a shop.

    Anyway, you photography is lovely! I really like your blog! :)

    Claire // Technicolour Dreamer

  7. Great blog!! Lovely photos! Thanks for your comment sweetie <3

  8. Your nan is a knitting wizard. A woolen wizard. A wizard of wool.

    We're off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of woooool~!

    Ahem. Lovely post. You are a marvel with that camera of yours! Plus, a winter picnic is a fantastic idea. Kind of reminds me of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Although, that was a night picnic - but it happened in winter! There was ice.


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