Friday, 24 April 2015

Graveyard Tales

I grew up an only child, which meant alot of playing by myself and taking refuge in my imagination. One of my favourite things to do to amuse myself were invent worlds. I grew up in a village called Illogan in Cornwall (Some of you Poldark fans out there might realise that yes! that's Demelza's home village too! :P ( Weirdly, my road was even called Poldark Road!)) There is a beautiful graveyard in the Churchtown at the heart of the village where I spent alot of time playing when I was supposed to be visiting my mum. The thing that I loved about the Graveyard was that it was so peaceful, I could have it all to myself. There were so many little pathways to explore, creatures to befriend, tall leafy trees fat with apples to climb and dark and dangerous parts wild with brambles and blackberries that fueled my imagination with ghouls and witches. I would pretend that I lived in the graveyard, that I had been forgotten and left there, or that I was a ghost that haunted it. I grew up to be fascinated with the macabre and austere and a fan of Gothic literature. Not that I actually find graveyards dark and austere anymore, They are a sanctuary of peace, of rest and quietude. There's nothing chilling about the silence, it may be a garden of corpses but for me, it brings back memories of balmy summer afternoons snoozing under the apple tree and listening to the church clock tower chiming away the day. 


Saturday, 18 April 2015

OOTD: We played it on the Gramophone

Have I ever mentioned, I have an extreme affinity for swing music? Whether it be 1920's, gypsy or the good ole footstomping N'Orleans swing - there's something about it that makes me wanna skip about and dance. George actually did a GCSE in Dance and has taught me some of the moves but I take 'foot-stompin' far too literally and end up 'stompin' on peoples feet. Occasionally, the touring 'White Mink' speakeasy event comes to Komedia in Bath (an excellent venue with great artists!) and for one night, everybody dresses the part and dances the Lindyhop, Charleston and Walkabout to brilliantly revived live swing music! Another great pub in Bath, if you're an enthusiast for live music is 'The Bell'. They have such an eclectic and vibrant selection of artists playing from blues, bluegrass and folk to world music, reggae and ska. George has a record player, and although it's not quite a gramophone, we love the sound of vinyl and there's something oddly satisfying about playing a record. 


Sunday, 12 April 2015

Joie de Vivre

Joy. It's simple, it's pure, it's weightless and liberating. Joy is easy to find and yet often sometimes we struggle to hold onto it even though it surrounds us. Often, we forget how or where to look. Without joy, we only exist and experience a anaesthetised, dulled and meager morsel of what life has to offer. How can we live without joy? How can we learn to find it and when we do, hold onto it? 


Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Among the Flutterby's

I read somewhere once, that the old English word for Butterflies was Flutterby's. I'm not sure how true this is, but I have no intention of learning otherwise because in my world, Butterflies are hereon known again as Flutterby's; the little pieces of fragile decorated living paper that they are, drifting about in the spring breeze like sycamore seeds. Another little snippet of trivia (this one completely true) is that the french word for a moth is 'Papillon de nuit' which translates as 'Nighttime Butterfly'. I love moths, for they are beautiful, silly little creatures who are slaves to the bright light and they remind me of autumn, camping and lamplit evenings in the garden. Alot of people are frightened by the little creatures, but for me they bring happiness, nostalgia and a sense of peace. When I see butterflies and moths, I know the weather is warm and balmy and that right now, I am most probably outdoors and very content indeed. 

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