Tuesday, 26 May 2015

We live by the River

I've had a realisation recently that I am utterly disillusioned by eating out in restaurants. I'm living on a rather tight budget (as my car has thoroughly drained my finances) but I still want to be able to enjoy life without scrimping and passing off opportunities for fun and adventure. After a recent restaurant visit to celebrate the end of my academic year, I was left feeling as though I had paid a ton of money for something that I wasn't going to truly remember and think 'Hey, that was worth trading hours of my time spent working in the shop for'

George and I have made a rule: this summer we are going to replace eating out with cheap picnicking. If we are out for the day, we will pack our own food and a rug and eat it alfresco - which really, is more appealing and exciting to me anyway  ^.^
Today, a few friends and I took some sandwiches, fruit and drinks to the Bath boating station where people can rent punts, canoes and old fashioned rowing boats or sit in the beautiful gardens, have a picnic (like us) read a book and soak up the very English-Countryside atmosphere. 

Friday, 22 May 2015

The Ongoing Adventure

May has whizzed past me and my final Uni deadline has come and gone. It's the end of the academic year and this should feel big - I should feel free, liberated, wild and filled with energy and excitement of the wide summer and promise of adventure spread out before me. Nothing feels different, nothing at all. Perhaps it hasn't sunk in yet. Perhaps it won't until I take the Ocean road homewards on the 30th June. I am counting down the days. 

Monday, 18 May 2015

Explore: Shoreditch, London

Sometimes, I forget that living in Bath, things become so much closer and accessible. The average trip to London on a direct train takes just 1 hr 40 mins which is the same journey as Redruth - Plymouth for a shopping trip. In the 3 years that I've been been a student in Bath, I've been to London a handful of times with various friends in various weather conditions (Normally wintery) yet we always seemed to head to the same sort of places over and over (The sights obviously - Piccadilly, Trafalgar, Leicester Square, Soho, Natural History Museum etc). I'm no expert, as I barely know anything about this vibrant city but I think it has helluva lot to offer beneath the tourist traps, overpriced restaurants and cheesy waxworks. 


Tuesday, 12 May 2015

The Merry Month of May

I find that there is something powerful and magical about the month of May. It occurred to me this morning whilst I was strolling down the canal path, under the warm sky with butterflies fluttering around me and the hedgerows filled with flowers and dandelions. There was something in the air, something mystical and filled with nature and wonder that was especially powerful. I was reminded of stories such as Midsummer nights dream, George and the Dragon, Flora and May day festival back home and one of my favourite plays ever, Jerusalem by Jez Butterworth.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

HELLO! this is my attic

As we are all aware, the end of the academic year is creeping closer. We either know this because we are students ourselves, or our academic friends are filling up our news feeds with phone snaps of their all-nighters and dissertation-frenzied spontaneous pajama drives to the Chinese take away. I am guilty of partaking in many a frenzied-work-avoidance activity over the last few weeks ranging from the classic 'CLEAN EVERYTHING IN SIGHT IT MUST ALL BE CLEANED' to 'Let's go out for cocktails with my friends the night before the deadlines when the essay isn't even done', an impromptu hike along the Avon Trail River from Bristol to a Bowie fuelled and incredibly brilliant birthday party at my lecturers house where I met all sorts of amazing individuals and learnt about the existence of something called 'the mile high club' from one of it's members. It was great.

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