Monday, 1 June 2015

Dragon Flies & River Dwellers

More than just Mayflies and Otters can be found on the river. There are entire beautiful communities, people that live and trade entirely from their boats and station their gardens in little secret woodlands by their moorings. I have stumbled across such places; wonderful secret places where laundry is hung in the trees and dens are made between the roots. Children leave their toys scattered across the earthy floors and run about barefoot, the same way you would see toys left around a yard. Plant pots and twinkling garden lights decorating the roofs of the barges, makeshift balconies and old bicycles oddly but lovingly placed in the heart of this kingdoms old and peaceful world. 
Like roads, people can travel around the rivers networks snaking around this leafy isle but never leaving their own private world, a world that is invisible and unseen by so many, the separate world that exists only on the river. 
Fisherman, travellers, musicians, storytellers... they all have voices and tales for the camp fire about their mysterious and beloved rivers.  

(Sneaky behind the scenes shot where we climbed down a vertical ladder of roots and vines into the very sloshy river)

When it comes to choosing which photographs to share, I'm terrible so I thought I'd just share the majority of them with you. All clothes models own (Big thank you to my lovely friends Iram and Jo for lending their sassy cool posing talents) and Mint Lotta Rosie and Tea Rose flower crowns can be found on the Crown and Glory website, handmade with love in Cornwall by Sophie and her partner, Gareth :) - should you feel like joining us in our pursuit of being creatures of fairytales. 
I'm looking forward to getting back into the swing of photographing things inspired from legends and folktales this summer and getting ready for my new modules next year where I'm hoping to combine my writing and narratives with my photography to create visual stories accompanied by word! :D 

Don't forget that soon, I'm going to post a photography F.A.Q as a few people have requested one, so please post any questions you would like to ask me in the comments and I will compile them into that post :D 

Can't wait to start sharing more creative work with you lovely folks :) I've even got a few stories to come! :D 



  1. Well these are very pretty! Your friends are very beautiful and I adore the whimsy of these!x

  2. Your photos are seriously stunning, I love the bohemian/outdoorsy theme they have to them!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

  3. I love the flower crowns! But my favourites and the photos with muddy feet and roses - great combination!

  4. Oh my gosh these photos are stunning! Please turn me into a fairy river princess if we ever meet! <3 <3 xx

  5. This photos are so amazing and so beautiful! The world you create with your photography is just magic. Its inspiring me to finally take the plunge and do the fairytale themed photography I've always wanted to try!


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