Thursday, 20 August 2015

Sea Spray, Ocean Mists & We

The Seafog has rolled in early this year, it normally waits till September. But that's just fine with me for I won't be around a lot in September and the mists are one of my favourite types of weather.
The thing about the mists, is that there are so many different types of them, and each are beautiful. 

There's the type of mist that's thick and eerie, the sort that makes me feel as though we are thoroughly isolated from the rest of the world. As though we've been consumed by a ghost story. There's the type of drizzly mist that's like walking through clouds, and then the lingering fog that manifests at Fourlanes and seems to be a permanent fixture there. There's the dramatic, stormy winter fog that shrouds Landsend and then the delicate, pearly autumn mist that makes everything glow in a dull, moonlike way and  makes me think that a kelpie or sea serpent may emerge. It's a magical mist that is neither cold nor wet, but that perfect temperature, that perfect still, and it seems to immortalise a moment, encase a perfect land and coast in a dreamlike, ethereal universe that feels as though it's been suspended in time and space. As though I wrote it down as a story on paper and put that paper in a pocket of a seldom used pair of jeans to live in a seldom used wardrobe at my grandmothers house. 
This is my favourite kind of mist. 

Life Lately 

Since coming back from our week in Bath where we moved into our new flat and saw the Balloon fiesta, our weeks have been filled with long shifts working outdoors in various weathers, or non stop spending time with family that are down visiting on holiday and evenings after work meeting old friends. I haven't spent a lot of time just sitting with nothing required of me - this evening has been the first in a while! 
(note: I won't be offended if you skip all this blab!)
Some of George's extended family all came down to visit, and they are the sort of traditional Cornish family that are gloriously folky and have thoroughly retained that sort of old nostalgia that I love in the Cornish people. We went to a sort of house party near Falmouth one evening and ate pasties, jammed with folk instruments (including an accordion and banjolele!) and I learned the words to some classic folk songs and joined in on my Ukulele. Another evening, we went to a really old pub in Constantine (a tiny village in the middle of nowhere) with the same family for a delicious pub dinner and the evening was filled with folk music and singing of old songs again. 
Another grey evening, I went snorkelling off a secret beach while the family sat around a pop up table perched precariously on a slipway with warm flasks of tea, wine and biscuits. We also saw a seal! 
Another evening, we were desperate to see the Perseids meteor shower but it had been cloudy during the peak of the shower. Determined to see the milky way anyway, we went to Goonhilly downs nearby and walked out across the wild lands in the pitch black with only head torches to light our way. We walked to Drytree Celtic Standing stone and hugged it whilst looking up at the Milky way stretching across the sky. We weren't disappointed as I spotted 6 asteroids, 2 of which left massive green tails whizzing behind them! We also enjoyed watching the satellites trundling by. 
Saturday, Alex and I took a road trip to Truro to meet with some Cornish bloggers for a delicious and adorably china-rific high tea in a sweet vintage cafe. They were such lovely company, warm friendly people and I thoroughly enjoyed myself! 
Dad's birthday was Sunday - George and I had a scrummy roast with him and then went with him and my Auntie to Tehidy woods to watch Rogue Theatres open air King Arthur play beneath the trees.
One evening, I visited Nan and the pooches and we walked over to an old pub that was across the road from the first ever house I lived in. We sat in the beer garden with a pub cooked dinner and I stared over at the very same play equipment that I had played on over twenty years ago and marvelled about how it had stayed exactly the same and yet the world felt so different. It was very nostalgic and strange but lovely - I really cherish spending moments with my Nan :)
Lastly, Tuesday evening I met with one of my best friends Jamie, who I haven't seen in a while but have known longer than any of my friends. We drifted around the cobbled streets of falmouth, watched the boats, had a Pizza and desert date and then sat on the beach talking about the sort of deeply personal, secret things that you only tell your best friend and no-one else.  

It has been a tumultuous August, hectic and fast paced and has flown by me like a swallow in the sky. I find myself nearly at the end of it wandering if I've truly got everything I possibly could out of the month but when I sit and think, I haven't had a spare moment. 
Here are some photographs from a really lovely day last week or so when I went to Coverack, the village next door, to photograph an engagement for a lovely local couple who knew George from school. Jess caught the bus down from Penzance to spend the part of the day with me that I wasn't photographing Isaac & Hannah and so we went to one of my favourite spots, Chynalls point to paddle and marvel at the ethereal mists and fine cirrostratus clouds that were swirling about the sky. 

The ocean never ceases to amaze and enchant me with it's variety of blues, greys and greens. My heart is eternally owned by this great element.  

There is a rather marvellous road down to the point, (or a lane rather, I should say) and at the end of that road is a rather marvellous thatched cottage untouched by developers and second home owners. There's not a lot of 'non holiday cottages' left in our part of Cornwall. This cottage is that kind of grubby but loved little beacon that causes me to smile as I pass it on my way to the sea. 

 This is Chynalls point - one of my most favourite places in the entire universe. When the tide is low, a perfect white sandy beach emerges and sometimes the seals and dolphins come to visit. I snorkelled here once, and the sunlight sparkled on the surface of the sea in the most beautiful way. If I could live here forever I would.

Jess and I lived in Bath together for two years (if you read my blog, you already know this of course! so pardon the repetition) but we originally met years ago at a rather memorable new years eve party in St.Ives back when I had no idea who I was and she had purplish hair. A strong bond was made that night between a group of eccentric individuals over blackberry mead, fireworks and badly made costumes and that led to many more silly shenanigans throughout college. By coinkydink we both applied to go to the same Uni and have stuck together ever since :) 

Wanna know a weirdly awful fact about me? I have completely flat feet. No arch. nothing. As a result, I have the grace of a platypus and if it's not a ceilidh, I just can't dance it. I don't have properly webbed toes, but I do have abnormally large flappy skin between my toes to the point it's like semi webbed which makes me happy because I really want to be a sea creature. Wanna know a braggy fact? I can swim the entire length of a 25 meter pool underwater without coming up for air :P Ok, loads of people can do that, but that's my only party trick other than my world famous whale faces. v.v 

 Splish splash 
I flipping love the feeling of the waves crashing over me

I never used to wear jeans because I find them restrictive but these boyfriend fit jeans I picked up in the Cath sale I just love. The pockets are lined with polkadots and they're so comfy and good quality! I find good quality jeans are hard to come by these days, plus I'm dead picky when it comes to jeans. I can't wear skinnies because I find them too uncomfortable for the amount of climbing about/rambling/activity I do and bootlegs are basically just mud/puddle absorbers in my opinion, plus they're a part of the early noughties era that I don't wish to revisit. Yep. I'm a granny when it comes to clothes. I either live in harem style trousers or boyfriend/mom jeans because I'm a sucker for space with a strong appreciation of early 90's denim wear. 

This blouse was another sale find, Jack Wills to be precise and the pattern and style I love. The sleeves are a sort of homage to Sarah from the Labrynth's great white fairytale blouse. The faint blue flower pattern is subtle but adorable and I'm not normally one for shopping at JW but there's something delightfully fairytale-esque about this blouse that pulled me in and won me over! 
The Narwhal ring is handmade from an ETSY shop in Oregon and George bought it for me a few christmases ago. I always wear it as it reminds me of three crucially important things; my childhood, the ocean, and that I'm loved. 

I couldn't stop photographing this little boat in the ocean. The moment was so perfect, he was out there for hours alone in the thin veil of mist.

 Modelling the newest line of organic, natural hatwear from the uber trendy Ocean Hatter co. 

My first ever surprised limpets! George taught me that the trick to getting them is to sneak up on them and push them forward. Once they know you wanna have a look at them, they stick tight to the rocks! I thanked them although I'm sure they didn't appreciate being disturbed and I put them back to be with their families feeling like a rude and intrusive neighbour and questioning if it was at all really worth it.
I always cut my feet on barnacles.

Blouse: Jack Wills |  Boyfriend Jeans: Cath Kidston 
Bow: Monsoon | Shoes: Converse 

This is what it looks like when you try to take a photograph on self timer but think it's already taken so you run back to check but ACTUALLY, SURPRISE! it hasn't taken yet and you get papped. DERPDERPDERP.

Yonder is my other favourite place! Lowlands point! Filled with celtic roundhouse leftovers, chunks of broken up unremarkable ancient pottery left in the ground to be found and a marine conservation zone which is currently under threat from a local quarry company *sulks*.

 If you want to see the photographs I took of Isaac and Hannah's engagement, I've put them up on my sneaky blog and you can see them here!
            here are a few sneaky peeks :)

I've only got a precious week or two to cram in as much of my home as I can fit in before I'm reluctantly returned to the city. Some people's lifes dream is to live in a mansion, visit space or have a really fast and shiny car. Other people have more humble dreams, like to win their fight against illness, to be simply happy or have a guarantee that food will be on the table. My dream is to return home permanently. Tell me yours :)



  1. I'm always mesmerized by your pictures... ❤ And I love the little collar on your blouse! :)


  2. Sounds like you've had a busy but really lovely August! These photos are just stunning. The mist does make everything look a bit ethereal. And I love your outfit! That blouse is beautiful :)

    Mimmi xx
    Muted Mornings

  3. Beautiful pictures sweetie :)

  4. Stunning pictures! You have such a good eye for details and the scenery is beautiful!

  5. My dream is also to return home permanently :) Nothing beats a feeling of really belonging!
    I had a horrendous incident with sea mist 2 years ago - I planned a sleepover on the beach in the open air, but a freak sea mist rolled in during the night and we woke up freezing and damp all over - not a fun experience! We ended up driving home at 4am!

  6. Beautiful photographs. There is nothing better than the calm that the sea can bring. I do appreciate living my the sea!

  7. LOVE THESE SO MUCH :') (and you already know because I pretty much stalked your whole instagram by now) it makes me feel so calm looking at these, and want to get out of the city for another break again (we were in Cornwall last week) and I am living life through your photographs, so lovely! :) Also the engagement photos are so so pretty, gonna check them out now hehe!

    Cherie x

  8. Sarah, these photos are breathtaking! Such atmosphere! They have left me wishing for more misty days on the beach.

    I also share your finickiness with jeans. I own exactly one pair. One. The only pair I have found in my 26 years that actually fit properly all over and don't feel like they are attempting to slice me in two. WHY.

    I read your life ramble. :) Your blog always makes me feel so nostalgic. I read every word. <3

  9. The Labyrinth mention made me grin from ear to ear - my favourite film of all time.

    Your photos are so dreamy x


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