Friday, 23 October 2015

The Tree Museum

When Alex first invited me to join in on her trip to London, the first thing I asked was if we could go to Kew Gardens. I knew that Alex, a fellow plant-lover would be as excited for a trip to Kew as I was because this beautiful arboretum is like Disneyland for the botanists! Just picture - a whole park celebrating nature and botany hidden within the city next to the Thames. 
Back home in Cornwall, we have the Eden project which attracts tourists year in year out and charges a pretty penny in doing so. I've been a couple of times to the Eden sessions festivals with my friends and twice with my Dad when I was younger. I'm not sure what it was, but it didn't really enchant me. It's beautiful in its way, and filled with glorious plants from all over the world fooled into thinking they're somewhere else in their contained climates, but it was missing something, and I think that something that the old romantic inside of me gravitates towards - charm and whimsy. 
Kew has charm and whimsy in abundance, it was like stumbling into a not-so-secret garden, a realm of tended to and much beloved plant life and nature. At every turn there was a beautiful victorian greenhouse, a glade covered with a carpet of autumn leaves and canopies upon canopies of trees decorated by fall. And, then there were the Peacocks. 

Saturday, 17 October 2015

Woodland Creatures

I don't want to talk anymore about counting time, or seasons or counting rhymes. Let its serene workings speak for itself through photographs for a little while. Although nature and change is endlessly enchanting and fascinating, I fear I may talk it to death and so lets look at the moments within moments. Time within time, frozen in a journal entry to be relived and relived until they corrode. To be experienced by others and shared and interpreted. Let the years not be years but merge into one timeline- our timeline. Time is free flowing and no two seasons are exactly the same. Oh darn, I mentioned the 'S' word.  

Thursday, 8 October 2015

A Gust of Wind

I had never seen mountains before - least not on the British Isles anyway. Sometimes our hills get pretty big down Cornwall, and Glastonbury Tor always catches my eye as we drive on by on the route home, but nothing prepared me for the beauty and awe of the Welsh mountains, for Snowdonia. 
I wish I could write you an account filled with photographs of the mountains and how we traversed them and beheld the view of the seemingly tiny island from the summit - perhaps one day I will. But not this time. September threw up my quiet life like a pile of fallen leaves in a gust of wind and rather than share one of my typical rambles about a specific day or place - today, I deviate just a little bit to round up what has been a whirlwind autumn. To touch base with my family, my friends, and you dear readers and look over those moments I have managed to encase in a snow globe to look at forever more. 
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