Thursday, 8 October 2015

A Gust of Wind

I had never seen mountains before - least not on the British Isles anyway. Sometimes our hills get pretty big down Cornwall, and Glastonbury Tor always catches my eye as we drive on by on the route home, but nothing prepared me for the beauty and awe of the Welsh mountains, for Snowdonia. 
I wish I could write you an account filled with photographs of the mountains and how we traversed them and beheld the view of the seemingly tiny island from the summit - perhaps one day I will. But not this time. September threw up my quiet life like a pile of fallen leaves in a gust of wind and rather than share one of my typical rambles about a specific day or place - today, I deviate just a little bit to round up what has been a whirlwind autumn. To touch base with my family, my friends, and you dear readers and look over those moments I have managed to encase in a snow globe to look at forever more. 

There were a hundred million moments in the September that we've just left behind - moments like when Nan and I played trivia together and laughed and laughed, or when George, Louis and I walked for miles and miles down country lanes, through woods, and farm fields to a pretty village nearby dodging fields of Bulls and discovering what looked like a fairies glade. I don't have photographs for every moment - and this makes me sad because I know that I'll forget those moments. Sometimes I try to write a diary but I'm just awful at keeping up habits (I am not a creature of those things) and I'll update it every year or so with an entry like "Yeah, it's going good. I'm still addicted to Lasagna" and all those pretty little moments (ones I've already forgotten) fall into the void of nothingness. But I don't always want to take the camera. It's a joy and a burden to preserve those moments - and although it's incredibly freeing to let them pass without recording, it's also bittersweet. 

I have barely stopped to breathe this autumn. The most memorable moment was an incredible 6.5 hour road trip to North Wales to witness the marriage of a beautiful human I am blessed to call friend and her caring, sweet man. She lives on the sea among mountains and anyone who follows my Instagram will know full-well how excited I was to find myself among such incredible country. 
I was so excited and somewhat befuddled by many vowl-less welsh words but delighted in learning their pronunciations from new friends I made and comparing the Welsh and Cornish languages :) Did you know we say Merry Christmas almost exactly the same in Cornish as in Welsh? 

The heather bloomed and we took many a ramble along the cliffs watching the storm clouds roll in. One of my missions this summer was to watch more sunsets from the cliffs - when I was a kid, Dad and I used to do this a lot but it was something I had done less and less since moving to the South Coast.
One evening, I met up with some of my old college friends and we took a steam train through the countryside whilst partaking in a murder mystery! I flipping love steam trains - it's the closest I'm ever going to get to the Hogwarts express, lets face it. One day, I WILL make the journey across that majestic viaduct in the highlands. In the mean time, to exercise my frustration at being a muggle, Sophie and I have launched Bath Spa University's very first Harry Potter society. We are super excited for this and our freshers fair stall was bombarded with sign ups! This year is gonna be helluva busy.

Then there was the perfect evening at the cove where we played hide and seek in the sea caves.

George and I were photographers at a bundle of weddings :) This is George in action. We even have matching uniforms (polkadot shorts, braces, chinos and brogues!) because we are just that swish :P

I spent a remarkable evening down at the gorgeous Rinsey head with these two who are tremendous company. We had a blast jumping in the ferocious waves, enjoying the beautiful evening light and even watched a stormy rain cloud roll in and spray us with fine ocean rain. 

Laura runs a beautiful Cornish blog and as a fellow photographer she completely understands it when I get stupidly excited over lighting. She's also a massive book and Cornwall enthusiast. Can I keep her forever?

we made friends with a little snake! 

We were engulfed by a misty cloud of rain. It was so incredible - standing atop the cliffs and greeting it with open arms. Then we got wet and sheltered by an old engine house! 

Then over in Middle earth - err, I mean North Wales, we helped set up the autumnal wedding of beautiful Keren. Jake and her said their vows in front of their families, friends and god at a Christian Centre close to their home town of Criccieth and witnessing the genuine love, joy and light was such a privilege. Keren loves Robin Hood - Can anyone tell? With her incredible Elf-esque gown, rolling mountains surrounding us and people speaking in gaelic welsh all over the place, I really did feel like I was in a fairy tale.

I'm back in Bath now, juggling my brand new classes with photographs for people, two jobs and being outdoors in every possible moment of sunshine to fully appreciate autumn. I've never been this busy in my entire life. I haven't even had time to be homesick and pine for the ocean. Normally, my autumn goal is to take it calmly, soak up every leaf that sails down gently from the boughs, collect berries and conkers and fill the kitchen with gourds and root vegetables. There's always spiced hot cider too. This academic year however, I am determined I will be the very best that I can academically and I'm throwing myself head first utterly into study. I have some adventures lined up this October but there's going to be less time for sleepy dreaming and frolicking on the canals. I spend a lot of time worrying that I'm not getting the most out of life and every moment needs to be enjoyed. My idea of enjoyment is calm reflection, treasuring that breeze on my cheek or sound of birds on the lake. This autumn though, I think I'm gonna have to just let that go and accept that some years we are busier than we like - and that's okay. I can deal with that :) There's always next year. There'll always be time for play. 

In the mean time, I'm so excited to see what lays in store this October :) It's my first season living with just George and myself in our very own apartment but more on that later. I feel different, life's different. I think perhaps I feel a little older for the first time in a very long time. It's strange to explain.
I'm not altogether convinced that I like throwing together a round up post like this, but it's necessary when everything is blowing about like a windy day. To my dear family, my friends and friends I have not met, thank you for caring. Thank you for taking your time and watching this little virtual journal of photographs, memories and dreams. I am grateful.

He who binds himself to a joy
Does the winged life destroy;
But he who kisses the joy as it flies
Lives in eternity's sunrise.




  1. Ah, Blake!!!
    Your photos really are breath-taking- it REALLY IS the light in them- it has this mystic quality and just bathes everything in a magical glow. I truly love coming here to see your photos and witness your joie de vivre!! It is refreshing and magical!x

    1. Thankyou Kezzie! That really means a lot ^_^ To be honest, the light in Cornwall just BLOWS ME AWAY :P I really don't have to try hard at all ^_^ I guess also, I have to give some credit to my 1.4 Nifty Fifty lens :P
      Life is so full of joy :D I'm really glad that I've managed to capture that, thank you for coming back again and again Kezzie, I am truly greatful <3 xxx

  2. Yes, you can keep me. :P

    It looks like we both experienced a busy September - perhaps there was something in the air? I felt weird doing a round-up post too, but it was a necessity.

    Your words and photos are so beautiful! Sunflowers! The best flowers! I am also overjoyed to hear you have started a Harry Potter society. Everything about that is just excellent.

    Thank you, THANK YOU for the beautiful photos you took of Connor and I. We feel so lucky to have had such lovely moments captured! I'm going to have to get a few of them framed. Maybe all 170 of them...would that be impractical? ;)

    Also: 'I'll update it every year or so with an entry like "Yeah, it's going good. I'm still addicted to Lasagna"' <-- most relatable thing I have ever read.

    - Laura

    1. Yay! Laura it was my absolute pleasure to take those photographs. The one of you guys standing in the rain cloud was one of my favourites that I have ever taken. Also, to stand atop a cliff and become swallowed by a cloud and to stand inside it was truly a remarkable experience that I'll cherish forever. Not to mention the fact that both yourself and Connor are extremely fun and delightful to be around! :D
      Ahhh Lasagna, food of the deities! I have a recipe for a vegetarian version that uses Squash, spinach and ricotta cheese and it's just SOSOSO good. I shove a ton of garlic in it and go crazy. muahaha. Yes, Lasagna. mmm.

      Although I won't be home for Christmas as George is working here full time, I'll come back before anyway to visit family and friends for a while :) We'll have to go on a wintery woodland adventure or go visit the giants at the castle on the mount? xxx

  3. Gawsh darn these photos are marvelous. The lighting is superb! I'm glad to hear you've been having such a full and busy and wonderful life!

    1. Thanks Carly! :D I hope your autumn has been filled with wonder and fullness! :D <3

  4. Ah your photos always take me to a warm magical place. I just love them. I am so envious that you live near and get to visit to many beautiful sights. I'm a true nature child at heart but live in bustling city centre so I really miss forrests, hills, lakes and the sea!

    Deimante x

    1. Oh Deimante, Perhaps you'll have to migrate to the Oceanside and pursue your inner Earthchild? I feel as though our true desires call to us and pull us there, so hopefully your path will lead you to your happy place eventually :) <3 Even though Bath is beautiful and nestled in hills, it's still too much of a city for me so I understand the feeling :) Thankyou for your kind words too! I feel honoured and privileged to think that I could make something that transports people to a happy place ^_^ I guess that's all I want to do really with art - create joy :)
      Have a lovely week Deimante xxx

  5. Seeing one of your posts pop up in my Bloglovin feed made me really happy! I love catch-up posts like these. Your photos are gorgeous as always. Moorland is so beautiful, especially when covered with heather. Being the language nerd I am, I would've found discussions about Cornish and Welsh SO interesting! And it really sounds like you have a busy October ahead of you. Yay for starting a Harry Potter society! It sounds like a lot of fun. There is one at my uni too, but I've only been to two of their events (and that was last year). And good luck with the move! Moving in together really is a big, grown-up step, so no wonder you're feeling more older, what with the move and all the responsibilities you've got. I hope you'll have a fantastic autumn! And sorry for my rambly, disconnected comment....

    Mimmi xx
    Muted Mornings

    1. Mimmi I treasure your not-at-all rambly and disconnected comment! :D It's a joy to connect with others! ^_^ And I'm mega excited to meet a fellow language nerd! OH MY GOSH I flipping love languages, and vocabulary and everything that follows such as phonetics and diction. I speak French and I'm learning Cornish and I get stupidly excited when I meet other people that want to talk about languages ^_^ I guess that's why my good friend Jack and I get on so well :) You're from Scandinavia, is that right? I can totally understand why you're interested in language! What an incredible place :)
      I'm glad you enjoyed a catch up post! I was a little hesitant about doing one but it seems that was all in my head as it's turned out just fine :)
      I hope you equally, have an incredible autumn filled with beautiful things

      much love xxx

  6. Replies
    1. Aw, fanx sweetums! Come see me sooooon <3 We can eat cake xxx

  7. Like everytime, your photos are taking my breath away, they're so beautiful!
    Jennifer | Pretty as Summer

    1. You are so so kind to me Jennifer! Thank you <3 xxx

  8. omg, I feel like I actually was there. It's all because of the amazing photography! It's incredible, wow!

    1. Thankyou Katie! I really appreciate you dropping in and I'm so glad you enjoy the photos ^_^ Yay! <3

  9. Ohhhh my gosh! How have I missed this post!?!!
    I am seeeeriously loving the shots of you in Bath, in your pretty Olive dress + long songs. I think your turning into quite the fashionista Miss Porteus ;) xxxxxx

    1. Why thank you Miss Barker :P Well you know I just woke up one day and BOOM I was stylin' like a crayfish. Because Crayfish be stylin' >.<
      Um, yeah I think it's time for my morning tea now :P
      SEE YOU IN A COUPLE HOURS. Do you like Curry?

  10. Hey! Lovely to see you around these parts and I do recognise your Wales locations. It's funny to hear how you came up here and I went down to Cornwall for the summer. I can feel why and how you love your little place so much, it's simply amazing.

    This time of year is always a whirl wind for me too and I find myself not being able to stop and enjoy the small moment but that's what your camera does for you. You may not remember all of the details but you'll heart will remember how they made you feel.

    Lovely read, you've such a great writing tone!


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