Thursday, 26 November 2015

Moments in Between: November

 On Saturday came the first day of Winter. I stepped out the front door, and the sharp icy wind caressed by face like the hand of a long deceased someone. It sent chills down my spine and blew the last few tattered leaves from the spindly trees that stood solemnly in the city streets. I sneezed and pulled my scarf up around my face - remembering what my family always told me about catching a chill. Too late guys, the flu found me already. I walked out into the crisp, wintry world, dodging puddles (left overs from the storm) and reeling off things on my to do list and enjoying the precious moments in the sun.
I mentally prepared myself for a long day at two of my jobs and thought about emails I needed to send, tweaks to extracts from my University work due Tuesday. I sneezed again. Most of my days have been like this.


Sunday, 8 November 2015

Our Engagement Story

George and I have been together for almost four years now. Technically this October marks when we first started 'seeing each other' four years ago. It started with a cheeky lie on his part that he was an experienced Banjo player and so I challenged him to bring his Banjo over to Falmouth where I was at art school for a Folk Jam. I lugged my Accordion on the bus and carried it around Uni all day and waited for his bus from under an autumn tree on Falmouth Moor (just a street, not a real moor guys) and soon figured out after a few minutes of 'jamming', that he couldn't do much more than play deliverance and strum the chords :P It's okay, I was still pretty impressed because he knew the lyrics to my favourite Laura Marling songs and he was really good at folk dancing and after a few Monday nights of ceilidh together at the pub, I realised that this boy was the damn coolest thing in this world - I mean, I kinda already knew that when I first met him but you know. It just confirmed my suspicions :) 

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

The Witching Place

When we arrived in Edinburgh, the skies were wild and ferocious and the last few leaves of this seemingly forever autumn were clinging to the trees. Time seemed slowed down, in the same way that the leaves floated slowly from the trees and every moment was stretched to it's own afternoon with every step feeling like a mile. 
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