Thursday, 26 November 2015

Moments in Between: November

 On Saturday came the first day of Winter. I stepped out the front door, and the sharp icy wind caressed by face like the hand of a long deceased someone. It sent chills down my spine and blew the last few tattered leaves from the spindly trees that stood solemnly in the city streets. I sneezed and pulled my scarf up around my face - remembering what my family always told me about catching a chill. Too late guys, the flu found me already. I walked out into the crisp, wintry world, dodging puddles (left overs from the storm) and reeling off things on my to do list and enjoying the precious moments in the sun.
I mentally prepared myself for a long day at two of my jobs and thought about emails I needed to send, tweaks to extracts from my University work due Tuesday. I sneezed again. Most of my days have been like this.

Without a spare moment to take a day for my own and enjoy it somewhere, I fear of becoming a dull person. Endless work piles up around me, whether it's Uni related, shifts at my jobs or photographs to edit for people and emails to send, I hadn't had a day off since we went to Edinburgh. And before that I hadn't had a day off since I went to London with Alex. Part of me fears this is the adult life now, and this is what I must live with forever more. Constant business. Demands, responsibilities, no time to sit still somewhere and just be. I know it to be the way of the world, but I don't want it to be the way of my world. I treasure my time on earth and place within it. I don't wish for a high powered and intense job in the city, I'd rather have a bumbling and quiet little job home in Cornwall and live a modest life where I can finish my day jobs and spend the evenings eating tea from tuppleware on the beach and writing stories on a public bench by the harbour. Wouldn't we all like such a life? I remind myself that I am here, in Bath, doing the work and Uni thing so that I can go back to my bumbly quiet thing. I shall treasure it more when I do,I shake myself. I tell myself that it's not okay to think this way. I am living now. I am here in this beautiful place. And so I focus on the the moments that help me to enjoy my days and think kindly of November. Here are those moments, the small highlights of my week and the things I am grateful for:
  • Song of the Sea - A beautifully crafted, Irish animated feature film about Selkies. George and I watched this the other night while cuddled on the sofa under a duvet. The music is hauntingly stunning and a visual feast.
  • Johnny Flynn - I have been listening to his albums; 'A Larum' and 'Been Listening' on repeat this month. I have enjoyed his music for quite a few years now, but sometimes an album or song just comes back to you and gives you the feels. Johnny Flynn is the soundtrack to my November. 
  • My Engagement ring arrived in the post 
  • One of my best friends, Josiah, came to visit. We met up with Jess, George, Sophie and her man and went to the Bath lantern parade. This ended in the first mulled wine of the season. 
  • I may have had a sneaky Patisserie Valerie Chocolate Gateaux
  • There was a storm - I simply love stormy weather. It blew a gale all day and all night. The winds rattled the windows of our classrooms and made wailing noises, like anguished ghosts. Sophie and I found ourselves battling across Campus against the strong winds to reach my car. We feared we might blow away, it was so strong. 
  • I booked flights to go and visit one of my old friends Clementine in January. She lives in the alps, so George and I are really excited because she's going to take us Skiing/Snowboarding. I'm really excited to see the mountains and go in a ski lift. 
  • One of my friends got married, I was honoured to photograph the celebration. It was very emotional. 
  • I ate five Milky Way Crispy Rolls on Thursday
  • I found my green hat that I had believed lost for a very long time
  • I'm re-reading the philosophers stone [edit, I am now re-reading The Edge Chronicles]
  • I am engaged to my beloved George-thing 
  • My parents, Nan and Dad, always tell me they love me when they hang up the phone. I love them too
  • I'm having flying dreams again 
  • Scented Yankee Oils 
  • Festive themed shopping bags 
  • Walking to the canal behind our flat at night to see the stars and moon 
  • George's newfound obsession with making homemade smoothies. Instant food in a bottle. 

I have begun my Christmas shopping and already, my bank account is enormously depleted. I'm not even sure what I've bought. I did make the mistake of going into Anthopologie and deciding that there were things in there people needed. Of course they didn't need them. But Anthropologie has this mysterious spell over me, where it makes me buy things that are well above my ordinary budget. I just can't help myself. I wanted to wait till I went home, to photograph my ring and show it to you. Because it is themed on the ocean, it seemed fitting. Alas, it doesn't look as though I'll be making a trip back to Cornwall anytime soon, indeed any time this year. So I settled for my windowsill, where I like to sit and watch the clouds go by. 

This little blue tray - I honestly can't tell you what it's used for. But I have a deep rooted obsession with stars and constellations. When I came across it in Anthro, I impulse bought. I'm not even a Capricorn, but the Cancer constellation just isn't very pretty and neither is it's name. I love being a water sign and feel that the characteristics of Cancerians very accurately describe me but I did that girl thing, where I bought a cute tray for no reason at all and gave it to a very confused George, who is in fact a Capricorn. He liked it though and said it would look nice on the kitchen table. 

I've been listening to a lot of my old music recently - music from my college years. Having the record player in the house is our source of entertainment since we don't have a TV licence. We live somewhat old fashionably, listening to the radio mostly, reading and playing records. 
Having just a small flat, and not really knowing where the next year will take us, I invested in a small £8.50 Christmas tree from Paperchase. George and I can't go home for Christmas this year because of work and the thought of sitting in a bare, unchristmassy, cold flat made me sad so I attempted to cheer it up a little. The truth is, when you're a student, you just can't afford beautifully crafted decorations, elaborate white company lights and real, authentic christmas trees that fill the room and make it smell beautiful. The reality is some cheap lights, mull-your-own-wine sachets and in the case of some of my friends, a beer can decorated christmas tree. With deadlines all over the place and exams stacked up, I know my fellow students are all struggling to get into the Christmas spirit and before we know it, it'll creep up on us. In efforts to keep my chin up and feel some of the festive spirit, I purchased a rather fabulous Peacock who is yet to be named, as a tree topper. At home, we either had plain old stars, or in Nan's case, a rather tarty-looking homemade Angel with a perm. Apparently Peacocks are in this year. That's fine by me, it reminds me of Trago which reminds me of home. (For those that don't know, Trago is a legendary discount homeware & outdoor supplies store in Cornwall and Devon, that has notoriously bad political views and free roaming Peacocks). 

And here is the bit I know my Nan has been waiting for (Hi Nan! *waves*) The picture of my ring. As you probably know, it was I that proposed to George with a ring for him. I was a little unsure about whether or not I'd be getting one at all, but George suggested we ordered one when we got back from Edinburgh. 
After trawling through Etsy, I came across 'Sarah Brown's Jewellery Shop' in Glasgow. She makes beautiful, fairy-esque jewellery that looks although it belongs in a folk tale. Sometimes, I try and try to tell myself that I won't be cringe and fairy-mad, but I fell in love with her jewellery instantly and all ideas of being grown up, classical and sophisticated went out of the window. It was her 'Moonlight ring' that caught my eye. Silver and Laboradite, the stone sits in a clasp of Sea Foam and although it appears grey/clear in dull light, when it catches a glimmer the stone shines a beautiful blue of moonlight and ocean waves. Diamonds and gold do not interest me at all. I am delighted with this ring, because it is the jewellery embodiment of things I love; Laboradite comes from Volcanoes (I love rocks). The Sea foam design is a homage to my darling Ocean. It was made in Scotland where we got engaged by a lady who shares my name. What's more, Laboradite comes from Newfoundland which is where George's family are from. And lastly, it was called the Moonlight ring. A reference to the proposal story that I wrote for George about the Moon and the Sun. 
I'm going to stop boring you all with my stories relating to engagement/wedding stuff for now. Since it's going to be a year and a half before the event, I'm going to put it on the back burner. There are people I care about with their special days coming much sooner, and I wish to focus on them and their happiness. 

Speaking of special days, I've also been kept busy this month with Photographing and editing the photographs from this lovely lady and her bearded man! :) Here are a few little snippets of their day. These were taken in the height of that great storm last week, but luckily the venue was a beautiful, cosy Mill on the river and very sturdy.

This is much different to my usual blog posts, I know. First of all it feels totally bizarre to not have any photographs of my beloved outdoors. But not every day is a great, bold adventure. Some days are quiet, some are quietly busy. Some aren't even spent outdoors at all. It seems unrealistic to give the impression that I'm out everyday climbing trees and battling winds. So this is my life in between. This is my life when it's chaotically quiet. 
But I want to keep up with this online diary, and perhaps expand it and take it to other places. What can I do with a blog, I wonder? ...
I also want to thank you incredible human beans for your kind words of support and love on my last post. I was totally overwhelmed, humbled and warmed by the kindness and love that you offered a complete stranger. That stranger is beyond grateful and values and treasures you all :) I hope that your days are magical and filled with joy and festivity <3 



  1. You're so right, Anthropologie is such a dangerous place to shop, everything is so beautiful in it, I always feel like I need everything!
    And congratulations on your engagement!! I love that you were the one proposing, it's so unconventional and unusual, it's really cute! I wish you both all the best in the world! Also, your ring is absolutely beautiful, very dainty! Once again, congratulations!! :)

    1. Thankyou Jennifer :D It really didn't feel strange at all being the girl and doing it :P I guess it's all in our heads that it's the guys job :P I'm not really an advocate for imposed gender roles, they're pretty muddled up in our relationship anyway since George is such a princess :P
      thankyou for your kindness and taking the time to leave such a sweet note :) <3 xxx

  2. That is such a lovely ring. And I love your little Christmas tree! The peacock topper is just too cute.

    1. Thankyou Anastasia :D Peacocks are rather dapper chaps :D <3

  3. Love love love love LOVE these shots!!! And there is a peacock on your Christmas tree!! ^_^ xxxxxxxx

    1. OH MY! how did he get there? ;) :P I must have smuggled him home from Kew! :D muahahha xxxxxxxx

  4. Oh my goodness your ring is incredibly beautiful! And I love how personal and meaningful it is! I also love your little Christmas tree - it's adorable! This type of post is so lovely. It's like catching up with an old friend :)

    Mimmi xx
    Muted Mornings

    1. Yay Mimmi :D thankyou <3 I love the feeling of feeling as though I know a person through their writing ^_^ I suppose then when you meet them, it's as if you've been friends for years :D
      Perhaps one day, we'll bump into each other :D xxx

  5. Beautiful photographs and your ring is gorgeous! I've just come across your blog and now feel like I know you already, hope you have more time to relax soon.

    Zoe | floral and feather

    1. Thankyou Zoe :D I'm glad you stopped by ^_^ Your blog has a beautiful name :) I shall explore it directly :D <3

  6. Your ring is stunning; I hope some day I'll be lucky enough to have a ring as beautiful and unique as that!


    1. You will! :D :D <3 and I'll be there to take photographs, right? :P <3 xxx

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  9. What a lovely post, you're writing is just amazing, I feel like I'm engrossed in a really good book with each chapter I read! Your ring is bella, and although I'm not into marriage at all, if I was, that ring would be something I'd pick any day! xxx

    1. Thankyou Chelsea! :D Marriage is an abstract concept :P The amount of money that goes into it is crazy >.<
      The lovely lady who makes these rings makes jewellery for normal occasions too ^_^ to be honest, I'm not entirely convinced the ring I picked was intended for engagements anyway :P
      I'm glad you feel that my posts are like chapters in a book :D I LOVE books (hence my choice of degree :P) and it makes me super happy to feel that that's how I naturally write ^_^ Horray! :D I thank you for your lovely words and kindness :D
      Let me know if there's any upcoming adventures planned in Wales this spring/summer because I am 100% up for canyoning and everything else! :P xxx

  10. Your photos are gorgeous ♥ Love that shoes♥

  11. The pictures are amazing! You have a wondeful blog:)
    What about following each other on Instagram, Bloglovin,, Twitter?.. :)

  12. I commented on this post on my phone- grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, knew it hadn't saved! Just wanted to say, I love that poetry book- my father in law has it in his bathroom and I always memorise a classic poem verse when I am in there in Northumberland- I've almost finished 'Daffodils' now!!x

  13. Posts like these make me feel like we're having one of those great conversations that run late into the night and it makes me want to leave a long sprawling comment even though you don't know me and I don't know you.
    Your photographs are absolutely beautiful, so atmospheric and lovely, I feel like little snippets of you are caught in the arrangements and the colours and that just makes me happy :) photographs created with care and love are the best ones.
    I absolutely love your ring, it's so beautiful. I think it's much more important to have a ring that's meaningful to you and makes you feel something when you look at it rather than having one that you feel you 'should' have or something you just want to look grown-up or classy. Rings with personality are so much more special. I also love that the jeweller's name is Sarah Brown, as that's my exact name! Myabe one day I'll have something from there myself.
    I hope that your December has been lovely, I hope the little tree is bringing you joy and I hope that alongside working hard over the festive season you find time to indulge and relax a little and do something just for you.
    Thank you for these blog posts, I hope to read many more like them in the future!

    Sarah | Sarah's Chapter


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