Saturday, 26 December 2015


I'm finding it harder these days to distinguish the years and their events from the next. 1999, 2008, 2015... I can barely remember what happened and these numbers mean little to me when trying to recall the emotions I felt, the people I cared about and the places I visited. 
This is why photography is so powerful; that frozen capture of a singular moment can bring back a forest of memories, heart aches and butterflies in the same way that smells and songs do, for me. 
In the future, I'll look back at 2015 and it will feel monumental. 2015 is the year I got engaged. It should feel like an enormous, life changing event that paves the way for my future - but the truth is, that it doesn't. Nothing has changed, George's and my relationship has remained the same, except that now we get to plan a wedding (which quite frankly, we both always knew was on the cards). I am glad of this however, for I don't think I want our relationship to change. We want to marry because we want it to stay this way; secure, loving, gentle and full of play, adventure and goofing around. I want to promise my best friend that I'll stick with him forever. 

Thursday, 17 December 2015

Sea Foam and the Wild, Winter Winds

Wind Sailors | Velella : A carnivorous, free-floating, hydrozoan of the cnidarian, ocean surface community. Often blown in from open sea in certain wind conditions, velella use their rigid spines as sails to catch the wind and often find themselves at the mercy of the wild, prevailing winds to move about the sea. They have tiny tentacles with which they use to catch their prey (often plankton) and their toxins are not generally harmful to humans. Having said that, you oughtn't touch your eyes or mouth after handling one. 

When we slipped and stumbled down the treacherous coast path to our favourite cove, we were greeted by a beach decorated with glistening sea foam and tiny, night-sky-blue wind sailors. The winds were up, the waves were churning and the mist was rolling across the cove, carrying the foam with it. 

Sunday, 13 December 2015

The Great Indoors

The rain drummed against the thin window and its droplets ran like miniature rivers down the glass and slowly, they filled world outside so that it was an underwater world. She sat by the sill and pressed her face up against the window, peering out into this new world where the fish swam along the roads instead of cars and little crabs and clams scuttled across the garden. 

Friday, 11 December 2015

On Serpentine Shores Style Swap

And finally, BREATHE SARAH. The madness has ended. This week has been a very therapeutic week in contrast with previous weeks/months. Although the weather has been moody and changeable (which doesn't bother me one bit), the Ocean listened to my pleas and took pity on me; as I couldn't make it home to Cornwall, it sent Cornwall to me. On Saturday, George's family came to visit and this week, my dear friend Alex from the On Serpentine Shores blog caught the train all the way up and stayed at our little flat with us. 
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