Sunday, 14 February 2016

Post Notes from Wells

Last week, it seemed as though the grey and gloom would never let up and so to lift our spirits, my dear friend Jess and I took an exceedingly long bus journey from Bath bus station to the teeny-tiny city of Wells in Somerset. The bus snaked through winding villages and twisting lanes while the rain dribbled down the window panes. We bumped over pot holes and were flung about as the bus turned sharp corners. After spending a long winter confined to the one city, I had forgotten what it felt like to travel to other places and take public transport. 

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Cafes for Writing in Bath

If you're a student or ever have been at University, self employed or working from home, you'll be well acquainted with the twin demons of procrastination and distraction. You've possibly left the warm, protective cocoon of secondary school with its simple homework and spoon feeding teaching methods and now it's you who's responsible for your work flow. Nobody is checking up on you, nobody is telling you how much you need to be working and it's all too easy to resign yourself to a day working from the sofa swaddled in blankets, which we all know will eventually result in a binge of (in my case) 'Being Human', a spring clean of the entire flat,  a tempting book or a hearty session on the Sims 2. 
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