Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Coffee + Blossom

Yesterday, I took the last train that I ever would, back to Bath. 
Well, I'm sort of over exaggerating. I probably will take the train to Bath again one day, but this would be the final time I would do it as a student and resident of this delightful city. 
It didn't feel as big as it should have done. 
It felt regular. 
Just an everyday journey. 
I'm struggling to define my life by firsts and lasts these days.
Everything comes and goes in a natural flow and my consciousness barely registers their passing. 
I'm far more focused on being.

No more dwelling. 

After the afternoon April showers passed, the sky cleared. It was warm. That glorious spring warm I had been dreaming of all winter. 
We were able to go out without our coats. We took hats, but for once they weren't woollen. I was delighted to feel free from winter layers. I could push up George's sleeves and stroke the downy hair on his arms.
I could feel the warm sun on my arms, my face, my soul

I felt like a very happy little plant. 

I need the warm. 

Today was the sort of day where we lolled about. 
We spent lots of time in each place.
We soaked up the smells. the sounds. the air. 
We would linger like high cloud, and only move on when we had to. 

Today smelled like coffee and blossoms. There was an abundance of both.

It was delightful, and measured, and slow. 

It was one of those days where I felt both infinite and fragile. My youth boundless, and yet hanging on with twine. 
I felt already like an old lady reminiscing her perfect days. But I was living the day. Not recalling. It was uncanny. 
There was joy. 

Today was the sort of day you fold up neatly and put in a package. You keep it somewhere safe and pull it out from its box, thirty years down the line, and dust off the film.
You put it in the aged projector and watch it back.
You smile. 
There's nothing special about it.
It's ordinary.
It's also extraordinary.

My life right now is measured by the joy in the ordinary moments. 
Because that's what's bringing me to life.
Not getting me through
Life shouldn't be about getting through. 

For me, it's savouring the moment. good and bad. so that you can learn to value them all. 

The name of this coffee shop is Colonna & Small's and it is quite simply the most exquisite coffee shop in Bath. We love it and it is a coffee lover & designers paradise. There are a full set of images and tour of these delightful coffee rooms and you can view them on George's blog [When he gets around to publishing his post!]. 
You may notice that the pictures are a little different from usual. We were using his Fuji XT1 where as usually, nearly all of my pictures on here are shot on Nikon. I absolutely LOVE shooting on this lightweight mirrorless camera and its colour handling really complemented the interiors of Colonna & Smalls. We were shooting on the kit lens which did struggle somewhat with the evening lighting - the depth of field isn't as pleasant as his beautiful 35mm lens. That got left at home for some reason - sad times. We had a faff anyway. I'm really adoring the challenge of learning to use a different camera. You can see my other adventures with the Fuji from some shots I took in London, over on my friend Jesses blog - the 35mm (unlike the kit lens) handles light like an absolute dream. 
The blossoms were out in the park, and they drifted down from the trees like snow; pale pink & papery. It was another precious and fragile moment and we spent the longest time, just sitting together in the green, open space. Warming our bare skin in the sunlight. We chattered, took in each others faces and voices. We played in the blossom. We let it snow on us. 

It's got to the point where I know my Nikon like the back of my hand. I know how it handles, I know what the images are going to come out like and I know how they'll edit. It's exciting learning a new camera - and it keeps me on my toes. I haven't quite sussed the Fuji yet, and I certainly don't know how to edit on it. I love the brown tones that come out, but I've still got far to go before I'll get my abilities to a standard that I'm comfortable with. This year, I want to really challenge myself as a photographer. One day, I'll be able to handle different types of cameras rather than just the Nikon. I won't have to face the awkward and embarrassing feeling I get every time someone hands me their Canon and asks me to take a picture. 

Please forgive the abundance of my face. We had fun goofing about. We chatted with the ducks and even ended up meeting some Spanish people. There are only sixteen minutes left in today. Today is a Tuesday. I don't want to forget days like today. 
Those ordinary spring days filled with coffee & blossom. 



  1. This is so beautiful to read. The pictures too, have a magic to them. The way you see life and describe it is so moving. All the very best wishes to you for your new chapters to come.


  2. Beautiful as ever. :) Your words weave a magic, and your photos complete it. I really love this entry. :)

  3. This is such a beautiful post, as yours always are :) I think the photos came out great, I really love the soft neutral tones in them and I think the light is lovely!


  4. A gorgeous post as always. The photos are stunning and that coffee shop sure looks delightful. Noted the name, I will definitely pop in sometime

    Tamsyn Elizabeth | Peaches and Bear

  5. What a wonderful and inspiring read Sarah, I really enjoyed it! Plus the abundance of your face is very much welcomed! Spring is such a positive and beautiful time of year, I'm thoroughly enjoying the warmer weather and the chance to go barefoot on the grass and sit outside in the sunshine without a jumper on! Alice xx



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