Tuesday, 10 May 2016

When It was Sort of Winter

These photos were taken in early May, in that time when winter clung on with its tenacious claws, just before summer sort of burst forth in all of its glory and took us in its warm embrace. 
I never did think of a blog post for this, never did find a story to go with these photographs. 
But not everything needs a story, so you can make one up yourself and use the pictures as inspiration. 
This is the beach I grew up on, the beach I have spent the most time on in all of my life. It has wonderful mermaid caves and these are scenes from a golden but nippy May evening spent with my Nan and the dogs. There are a few gulls, you might see them nesting in the cliffs. You might notice the father soaring from the roost to scout and survey. You can make up stories for those gulls if you like, I would. 

I don't take photos for the purpose of this blog very often. I keep this blog as an archive for my photos & memories. 
Sometimes however, I make posts with a purpose. Today is not one of those days. These are scenes to be stashed away, for maybe a time when I feel the need to look upon them. 
It's okay for you to look upon them too.
I hope they bring you some joy or inspiration :) 


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  1. These are gorgeous photos! I just love visiting the beach <3
    Hope you have a great week.

    Emma xo // http://www.thewallflowerwardrobe.co.uk/


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