Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Life on the Apple Farm

Of one thing you can always be sure, and that is that good weather must follow bad weather, even after weeks of dreary mists & windy tempests. 

After writing my last post, the clouds dissolved and both metaphorically and literally and the delicate, autumn sun rays broke through. Writing my last post felt like letting go of a particularly melancholic balloon that attracted lots of sad things and complained bitterly about it's misfortune. It was as though by confessing something I was almost ashamed to whinge about, I cleared my head and made way for a fresh beginning. This last week has been exhausting but so lovely. It began with a memorable trip to London to photograph an engagement. George & I made a little trip out of it and had such fun exploring the city which is always so divine in the autumn. The next day was an incredibly delightful day. It was the day we received the keys to the little cottage that we are to call home for a period of time and the start of a brand new chapter. It is official, I am no longer a student. I am no longer in the cushy care of loving family who will cook yummy things and do my laundry. I am an adult in possession of independence (at the grand age of 25 eh?) and I've no idea what's going to happen to me or where I'm going to go.
But one thing is for certain: I am living in my beloved Cornwall on a delightful apple farm by the creek and each day I wake to the crow of the cockerel and by night we sleep to the song of the owl. It is wonderful and soothing and so therapeutic, my soul has been needing this for the longest time. And it's finally happened. We are here and together and it's wonderful.

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