Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Changing Winds

Spring has come in on the breeze like the smell of magnolia & apple blossom and with it, brought warmth, peace & a confidence that all will right itself soon. 
Many things have happened in the last four weeks. I've flitted backwards and forwards from activity to activity keeping myself desperately busy and tonight, my first evening of calm and nothingness since the split hasn't left me feeling empty or emotional; I feel serene and content.
I've done much growing in the last four weeks, possibly more growing that I've ever done in such a space of time. I also made the decision to challenge myself and move to a place I never thought I would dream of; London town. 

I shocked a lot of people with that decision. A nature loving sea creature like me doesn't belong in a place of high-rises and concrete surely? But I'm taking this as an opportunity to push myself beyond my comfort zone, to not rely on a place to make me happy but instead to be able to find joy and happiness in any surrounding. My friends offered to spirit me away to the smoky city and I took them up on their offer; it's only for 6 months and then I'll figure out after that what the next adventure might be. I've never been so comfortable with living in the present and not knowing where my future will go.
In that time, I hope to be able to combat my anxiety of loneliness, my dependence on Cornwall's landscape to provide me with joy and calm and use my time more carefully. While everyone seems to be trying to slow themselves down, I'm trying to fit every single opportunity into the short amounts of time I have because I have a bad case FOMO and I don't want to miss a thing. 

These images were from a trip to Dorset a few weeks back - I nipped up for a really fun shoot among the beach huts with the loveliest couple and then turned the journey back into a Dad-and-Sarah road trip. It was actually great spending quality time with Dad - it's easy to get so absorbed in our own day-to-day lives that we neglect our families, the people that love us the most. We did what we do best on our road trips - play great music, stop over for some junk food and explore some tiny little nooks and crannies like Lulworth cove. I'll never get bored of road-tripping with Dad. 

These spots here are from our visits to Durdle Door and Mudeford Spit. They were both places I'd been itching to visit for the longest time so when one of my couples told me that Mudeford spit was one of their favourite places, I was overjoyed. It also happened to be my favourite type of weather too: sea mist! hurrah. 

Now that I'm feeling less of a mess, I'd like to start getting this blog back on track and filled with photos again. I've been leaving my camera behind increasingly which has been what I've needed over the last few weeks - just focusing on being in the moment and enjoying what's around me. Living this way, unburdened by anxiety of constant future planning has been a huge weight off my shoulders. 
I'm sorry this is not my usual blog post and not as eloquent as I usually aim for but I'm feeling so busy and hyper and inarticulate; it's been a wild journey. My brain is mostly running on about 15-20% processing speed at the moment, I've been doing much more these days as opposed to thinking but I'm ready to start taking my responsibilities back now and prepare for the oncoming adventure! I will be trying my best to uphold the spirit of the Salty Sea blog in the cosmopolitan hubbub of London, that will be my challenge! Finding myself in such a vibrant and busy place, somewhere so different from my comfort realm and making myself happy there :) 



  1. It sounds like a fantastic adventure, well done you for trying something so different. I have no doubt you'll be able to capture London in your unique way, I shall look forward to seeing it all through your lens. Gorgeous photos from Dorset, such a beautiful part of the world. I'm a big fan of sea mist as well, there's something so evocative about it. Good luck with the move.

  2. I'm really happy for you that you've decided to embrace a big change and push yourself out of your comfort zone. In times of distress and upheaval, a change can really be the most refreshing thing and I think even if you decide London really isn't for you, you'll look back and feel happy that you were brave enough to give it a go, and had a really good time regardless! Alice xxx


  3. These photos are stunning Sarah, as always, but my gosh these ones in particular are totally inspiring. I've never been to Dorset but now I think I might have to!
    Also what you said about not relying on a place to make you feel joy really struck me. That makes so much sense to me but I think it's something I'm guilty of too and will be more aware of now in the future.
    http://thecornishlife.co.uk x

  4. What a fantastic adventure. I'm really happy for you! Big changes can be scary and sometimes, but more exciting than ever expected! I'm really hoping you find a lovely place that you can make your own and enjoy every minute of your six months in London. I'm looking forward to seeing you grow xx



  5. So glad to hear that you've decided to go on a new adventure. It sounds like you're feeling better, which is so good to hear. Really looking forward to seeing what you get up to during your time in London.

    Mimmi xx

  6. Wow what a brave decision but I definitely think it'll do you the world of good. Doing something to challenge yourself is the perfect cure for a broken heart. I felt very lost in my late 20s and decided to leave Norfolk and move to London - it was the best decision I ever made. It pushed me so far out of my comfort zone, I met some incredible people and (as cheesy as it sounds) learnt how to truly be comfortable in my own skin. I ended up being there for 5 years and had the best time of my life. I really hope that you get the same out of it. Wishing you so much love and luck xx

  7. What an incredible decision, you are so very brave. I hope this new adventures brings happiness, joy and wisdom. It sounds like you have a challenge on your hands in capturing Salty Sea in the heart of England's capital but if there's one person that can overcome that challenge, it is most certainly you. Wishing you all the luck in the world.
    Peta x

  8. Wow, you sound much better - so pleased for you. And good luck in London - what an adventure!

  9. See there's that time is healer kind of thing again. Sometimes a distraction is what we need. I really look forward to seeing your take on the big smoke, what a challenge!

    I've never been Dorset, am I right in saying it's part of the Skeleton Coast? I've a friend down there, I must go and see, especially after seeing your pics.

    Have fun. xxx


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