Tuesday, 11 April 2017

The Peculiar White Cliffs: Adventures at Old Harry Rocks

Hello! Welcome back to something a bit more in the usual spirit of the Salty Sea Blog. I can't keep dragging this space down with lamentations of sad break up feels so it's time to revert back to some sort of normality here and share a recent exploration. Today we are venturing to a spot of different coastline, one quite different to my own dearest playground of pirate coves and crumbling scrubby cliffs that are to be found in South Cornwall. The White Chalk Cliffs are a sight that has fascinated me somewhat over the last few years and one of my favourite features of quintessentially English countryside. You won't find this sort of coastline where I'm from and there is something so compelling and attractive about it; the colour pallets of white on aquamarine with the little caps of bright green grass, it's just something I've always found charming since the first time I saw them. I've looked for excuses time and time again to photograph the chalk cliffs and got my first chance last summer when I went to Beachy Head near Eastbourne further up the south coast in the East. This weekend, I got my second chance when I visited Dorset and spent the Sunday doing exactly what perfect Sunday's are for in my world: sunny afternoon explores & frolicking by the sea. 

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