Friday, 28 July 2017

The Vanishing Girl: Postcards from Life Lately

I sort of disappeared. Went underground. It wasn't intentional. 
Everyone has all sorts of relationships with & ideas about social media; the pressures of sharing, the negative health effects, how it can absorb us & cause us to only want to share the best or perhaps alter ego of ourselves.  Those feelings and points are all 100% valid. I'm not going to tell you I needed a break, or time away. I'm not going to tell you that I went 'unplugged' for my mental health because that wouldn't be true. I mostly feel very much on the outside of the social media club. I don't feel the pressures to post or share regularly or with rhyme & reason. I come and go when and as I feel, and for a while... I just wasn't here. But I assure you, I've been happy, really happy. And just because I haven't been documenting them here, doesn't mean I haven't been off meandering about the island... because I've racked up more British isles miles this summer than I think I have in about ten years. 

I'll let you know gently in advance - I'm not about to open an intriguing philosophical discussion or share a whimsical work of fiction. Here are some postcards from the last few months... the quiet months where I vanished, the months that weren't in fact quiet at all. 

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