Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Otherworldly Beaches: The Day We Explored Bedruthan Steps

Some beaches are for summer & others are not. The sort of beach that we explored for the first time on Tuesday was one of the latter. 
The popular impression of the quintessential beach day out is one of bright blue skies, ice creams, deck chairs & inflatables, picnics and quite often sunburn. Although I love to be on the beach in the summer, I'm not inclined to squeeze myself between the crowds on the popular beaches and fight for sunbathing space. I'm more likely to visit in the evening as people are leaving and the sun is still warm or maybe go to the Lido at Penzance instead. My favourite way to experience the beach however is in the off season, when the waters are grey & misty, the shores are windswept & all sorts of interesting critters and treasures are thrown up on the sand. 
I love examining pretty seaweeds, barnacles & venturing into dark caves so when our Tuesday off was grey & delightfully moody, Jon & I knew it was the perfect day for the beach because luckily for me, those are his favourite things to do too. 
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