Born and raised in a quiet village, by the steely, Cornish Sea, Sarah spent her childhood immersing herself in celtic folklore, fantasy stories, the great outdoors and the hope that one day she might receive her letter to Hogwarts. 
By the age of four she had learned to swim like a fish but her flat feet never quite mastered the art of living on land. She has the coordination of a frog and the dreams and aspirations of a child. She studies at Bath Spa University where she's learning how to become a children's author and takes photographs for herself and other people. She speaks French and English and is trying her very best to learn Welsh and Cornish and wishes that one day she might live on a house boat or in a gypsy vardo. Her hobbies include folk dancing, writing stories, rambling in the wild outdoors and taking the hats off of acorns. When she was four, her life ambition was to become a Selkie. 

A proud member of Ravenclaw house, vice president of the Bath Spa Harry Potter society and driver of a custard yellow car, Sarah is compared on a regular basis to Luna Lovegood. She pretends to be surprised and shocked, but she's secretly quite flattered. 


Formal Photography work website:  saltyseaphotography.com 


Thank you dear reader,  for taking the time to learn a little more about me :) 



  1. I'm from Bath and do English in Exeter - particularly interested in creative writing! So lovely to find your blog :) xx

    1. I'm glad you like it Sophie! :D So exciting to hear from someone who lives in Bath ^.^ I certainly hope I do your city justice in my posts, this place truly is incredible, historic and whimsical ♥ xxx

  2. Okay so you have the best hopes and dreams, I sincerely hope you get to live on a houseboat someday because that sounds like such a marvelous life. Your blog is full of sweetness, I'm really happy to have found it!


    1. Thankyou :D I'm so happy you're happy that means everyone's happy and the world is just one happy place! :D <3 xxx

  3. Your blog is beautiful. Period. Your words and photographs are very enchanting, and I find myself reading post after post. Totally hooked!

  4. Oh my gosh you're learning Welsh! I'm fluent in Welsh, born and raised :) If you want someone to speak Welsh too, please please message me.

    Naomi Louise / www.teatimewithnaomi.com

  5. HI Sarah! Your photos are gorgeous! I also grew up on celtic folklore as well due to my grandmother who came straight from Ireland. I also hope to become a selkie as well! hahaha :) Look forward to following you!



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